Welcome to the World of Two Moons!

Elfquest is the longest-running independent fantasy series, with more than 15 million comics, graphic novels and other publications in print. The story of Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders, and his quest to find others of their own kind on the World of Two Moons, Elfquest was first published in 1978 by creators Wendy and Richard Pini. The first issue of The Final Quest is now available immediately online, on Dark Horse's comic app, or in print.

Elfquest Final Quest #4

Ermahgerd Shenshen

It is done, it is finished, it is on its way to Dark Horse via upload even as I type these words. What happens in this issue? What doesn’t?! July may seem like a long way off, but we promise it will get here before … August. (In the meantime, feel free to speculate. We admit or deny nothing.)

A look back at Lehrigen


Now that his tale is told, we thought you’d enjoy seeing Wendy’s very first design for the human hunter, Lehrigen. If nothing else, it’s a reminder of the differences the passage of time has on us, and on the elves.

Elfquest Gallery Edition coming this October


From Dark Horse: SEATTLE, WA—In 1978, Wendy and Richard Pini first published what would become one of the most revered classic-fantasy epics in comics. Today, ElfQuest continues to capture the imaginations of readers of all ages, as Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders battle savage humans, forge lasting alliances, and discover strange new lands in this ultimate fantasy adventure! Dark Horse proudly presents ElfQuest: The Original Quest Gallery Edition, a one-of-a-kind edition, which collects the first five issues of The Original Quest (“Fire and Flight”) in their gorgeous original glory. Read the rest

Final Quest #2 preview


Dark Horse posted a gripping preview of issue 2 of Elfquest: The Final Quest, which is out next week and available for pre-order.

A Forum thing happened on the way to the funnies!


Welcome to the latest version of the Elfquest social forums! It’s a fresh leaf, much simpler and hopefully more fun – more “tribal” – than the previous setup. Check it out at elfquest.com/forums. NEW! Log in using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you’ve already registered, you’ll need to do a password reset to get in: click “Forgot” on the login form and follow the instructions. NEW! Visit on the go. The forums now look great on mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Read the rest

Sonja and the Wizard

Nearly 35 years later (being uploaded late 2012) the only surviving record of the legendary “Red Sonja and the Wizard” show is finally available for viewing. This was the final – and best – performance, given by Wendy Pini and Frank Thorne (with Richard Pini on sound and special effects) at the San Diego Comic Con in 1978. Someone in the audience had a Super-8 film camera and caught as much of the show as possible under difficult conditions, thus the variable quality of both sound and picture. Read the rest

Final Quest Issue #1 Out Now


It’s out today in comic stores, and you read it immediately at Darkhorse.com or on Dark Horse’s comic app. You can also order the print edition for delivery to your home.

New Moon in living 3-D!

Beck NewMoon 1

Elfquest fans translate Cutter’s sword New Moon from 2-D image to 3-D reality! (Send us more examples and we’ll post them all here.)

Wendy’s Elf Book


Years back, we began an Elfquest convention souvenir sketch book and – as you might guess – asked the artists whose work we enjoyed to render an elf. Didn’t matter in what context, in what style. Simply, draw an elf. The results, for the first time ever, are showcased here for your enjoyment. 
Please enjoy (share the link to the entire gallery if you like) but don’t use these images for any other purpose, on any other web site or personal stationery or computer wallpaper or anything else. Read the rest

An amazing New Year’s present


This view is simply one of the most amazing gifts Elfquest has ever been given. Go. Read. Enjoy.

2014 Elfquest Fan Art Calendar

Elfquest 2014 Fan Art Calendar - December

There’s still 8 days left in 2013 and, by Two-Spear’s shaft, we’ve got the 2014 Elfquest Fan Art Calendar prepped and ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille! Our heartfelt thanks to every one of the baker’s dozen of artists who contributed artwork for the “DreamScapes” theme – and special thanks to Maggie Atkinson who wrangled everything into place on time so we can present it to you before the New Year begins. (You can also go to CafePress and find a selection of 2014 Elfquest calendars, including “DreamScapes,” ready for hanging on your office, den, or troll cavern wall!)

New and NOTEworthy!


In the spirit of “A Wolfrider’s Reflections,” the Elfquest filk song album (still available from Warp) come two new and previously unreleased songs by the awesomely talented Julia Ecklar. “Going Back” and “The Troll King’s Dream” – interpreted with “an arsenal of celebrated symphony players and a multiple-Grammy award winning sound engineering crew” – are part of “Horsetamer,” the long-awaited sequel to “Divine Intervention,” released by Prometheus Music. Find out more, and listen to samples right here.

Thank you, 13 years later

EQ bedsheet sm

On September 17, 2000, Nienke Hoek-Kruidenier organized an Elfquest Fan Day in Holland. Nearly six dozen people showed up and, among many other EQ-related activities, contributed notes and drawings on a full size bedsheet (about 80×100 inches) that they then shipped to us. I sure hope we sent a thank-you note but truth to tell, I can’t remember. This lovely souvenir has just now resurfaced because, along with so much else, it’s going into the Elfquest archive at Columbia University. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but we hope it serves as our better-late-than-never thank-you to Nienke and all those wonderful folks!

By Two-Spear’s Shaft:
The Universe IS Just!

Elric The Final Word 2

This may not directly be Elfquest-related; maybe it is. If you know anything of Michael Moorcock’s “Stormbringer” stories, you know why this painting is an oh so delicious parting shot. In a way, it’s the “Easter egg” that you sit through the closing credits of a movie to see at the very end. Wendy Pini’s “Law and Chaos” was an early-1970s college project to bring an adaptation of “Stormbringer” to limited-animation life. The film never got produced but the surviving artwork did eventually see the light of day, first as the 1987 Father Tree Press paper publication, and much more recently, as a Flash-driven sort of e-book (you can read it here). Read the rest

Where are you going, my little one, little one?


For some months now, I’ve been scanning Wendy’s original art pages, before delivering them to Columbia University’s graphic novel archive collection. Today, I worked on “Hidden Years” #4 and, oh, what a flood of feelings it unleashed. It was in this story that a barely teenaged Ember first pushed back against the protective (she would have said “overprotective”) envelope of Cutter’s concern. And now, in “Final Quest,” Ember is grown up, a chief in her own right, with concerns of her own that…  Well, you know I never give away anything that could be considered a spoiler. Read the rest

Elf Deco

Erte Winnowill

Talk about the line of beauty! Wendy has long cited Erté (often called “The Father of Art Deco”) as an artistic influence. This really came to the fore inside Blue Mountain. In 1989, a German publisher asked to do a special Elfquest serigraph, and Elfmom came up with this sensuous “Winnowill – an Homage to Erté.”

Thanksgiving 2013


It’s been one helluva year for Elfquest (and all that that implies, Mr. Mansley) as creative roller coaster ride, and for us as jes’ plain folks. So on this day, as the final pages of the calendar begin to flutter to the floor, we take a moment to give thanks for everything that’s happened, from the large and public down to the small and personal. No need to make a list; the memories swirl together like the spices in hot mulled wine and everyone’s got his or her own recipe. Read the rest

Clothes for kids!


We Love Fine released a line of Elfquest clothes for children!

“With its beautiful art and compelling story, ElfQuest made an indelible impact on my childhood. But, perhaps most importantly, it taught me that female characters can be as varied and complex as their male counterparts.” – Lyra Selene, Searching For Superwomen

When “movie” equals “spoon”


Not a week goes by that we don’t read a post or private message: “Any news on the Elfquest movie?” Okay, it’s been a little while, but that’s why you can scroll down through past entries, to catch up on what you might have missed. It was almost two years ago (January 20, 2012) that Warner Bros., after having had Elfquest under option and consideration for four years, said “no.” And it was about a month prior to that (December 11, 2011) that Wendy posted on Facebook: “As you know, Richard and I are waiting to hear if Warner Bros., by the end of January, will green light the Elfquest movie. Read the rest

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“Final Quest” panel at Emerald City Comicon

EQ ECCC screen shot

It’s fitting that the final panel gathering of the 2014 Emerald City Comicon be about “Final Quest.” Elfmom and Elfpop talk about the series and field questions from the audience, and you can see video of the entire show right here on FlipOn.tv.

Elfmom speaks!


Don’t miss Wendy’s great interview in the landmark 125th podcast episode at MajorSpoilers.com!



Meaning, Elfquest at Emerald City Comicon. In less than a week (March 28-30) we will be up to our pointed ears at ECCC 2014 in Seattle, and there are three events you won’t want to miss. Saturday at 5:40 pm there’s “Self-Publish or Perish: All-Star Edition” in which we swap Tales from the Script about indy publishing. Then Sunday, 1:00 pm, we’ll be signing (especially copies of the just-released “Final Quest” #2) at the Dark Horse booth. Saving the best for last, Sunday at 4:00 pm there’s the “Elfquest: The Final Quest” panel, where literally anything can happen (and probably will). Read the rest

Complete Elfquest volume 1 up for pre-order!

complete EQ

We’re still working closely with Dark Horse Comics to make this one spectacular package, but you can reserve your copy right here, right now! 720 pages of questy goodness, coming this summer.

Elfquest – The Long Run Podcast #5


The Long Run takes place outside of the “View From the Gutters” normal continuity of episodes, and features table discussion of an entire work or long selection of a series. In the fifth episode of this bonus series, they talk about Elfquest, by Wendy and Richard Pini. For this episode they read the first three story arcs: The Original Quest, Siege at Blue Mountain, and Kings of the Broken Wheel. (The audio player is at the end of the introduction.)

“Greatest Cosplayer of All Time”

WP Sonja

It certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And whether or not you agree, there’s no denying that Wendy Pini is one multi-faceted lady. A cosplay pioneer before the word was coined, co-creator and artistic force behind “the first American manga” Elfquest, imaginatrix to the re-envisioning of “Masque of the Red Death” into a futuristic musical thriller-to-be. Good reviews are always appreciated. Good and respectful reviews, now those are rare treats! Read one here.

A Howl (of sorts) in Seattle

ECCC party

If you’re attending the Emerald City ComiCon – or simply going to be in Seattle Friday, March 27, join us in celebrating 30 years of Usagi Yojimbo at the Big ECCC Party. You can get all the details right here! Big fun, worthy cause, what more reason could anyone need?


ECCC cover

Herewith the cover to the program book for Emerald City Comic Con, coming up fast the end of this month. Notice anything particularly noteworthy over toward the left side? Cover art by Brandon Graham.

Elfquest Final Quest #3 up for pre-order


The second issue of Final Quest is still a month away from release (March 26) but the fine folks at Dark Horse are already lining up #3 for you to pre-order right here! It’ll be out on May 28. (Bundle it with #2, why don’t'cha?)

From all of us to all of you

EQ 2014 Valentine

The picture says it all – for today, for every day.