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WOW!!! Surprised
Honestly, I didn't expect so many reactions!
A big Thank you from me! :D

@Teejay & Redshine: Sure, I'd love to make you some banners! Just hope you'll be a little bit patient, coz I won't have a lot of time anymore this year, so probably beginning of next year, ok?

@Callidora: The same goes for you, no worries! Although I really love the banners you make yourself too!! :D Please pm me the images you'd like, then, ok?

@PC:[quote:e7ee94f7be]Well, it's wonderful ! And it's the avatar dealer that tells it to you, so..
STOP BITING YOUR NAILS ! [/quote:e7ee94f7be]
Surprised YESSIR!!! :D

@Nowth: Wow, that's a lot I can work with! I really appreciate your comments, Nowth! It's not just saying "it's too red" or "a bit busy" but things I can really apply, and it's good stuff! You might be right, see I haven't got all this education, I've been to a graph. design school for 3 months only (after that I quit it) So all I've learned there were the basics of Photoshop and such programs, nothing really about composition, colors, shapes etc. Right now I've just "rediscovered" Photoshop, and in my excitement over it I might "overdo" it a little, and put in too much without thinking about meanings, and balance, and stuff.
So, thanks heaps! If there's any more, please!! :D

@everyone: Thank you guys for all the comments! You really inspire me to go on and keep improving! :D