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*happyhappyhappy---people like my banners! :D *

Yes, Redshine, while I was gathering pics of Rainsong I realised that she's pretty nice actually, I never really realised that before, dunno why.... Another EQ-character which would've deserved a bigger role, if you ask me! :D
Anyway, just if you might be curious what the pics are from, I'll give you the nrs from left to right: cover of EQ20"the Palace"; Beloved Dead poster; EQ2 (just after arriving at Sorrow's End); EQ6 (when Cutter decides to search for other elves); EQ30 (just before returning to Sorrow's End); EQ31 (when they leave Sorrow's End again to go to the new land); the poster of Woodlock, Rainsong and Shenshen
(sorry, I'm not sure about the titles so I hope this helped.... :roll: )

Hey Calli "laziness"! *chuckles*
You still want that Rind banner?
Amazing you ask me (still don't understand it) cause your own banners are absolutely amazing!!! :D I really love the new ones you made of Kahvi and Savah! Your style's so different! I like it!!
Anyway, you're next on my list (as I still have trouble finding Clearbrook pics for Nightangel----where are all the Clearbrook fans out there?!!), so, let's see if I can find some Rind pics then.... ;)