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Actualy, NightAngel, all you really gotta do, if you have the mIRC installer on your machine on your start menu, (or if it is already setup) open it. You need not worry about paying anything, it is free, unless you want to make a donation to the guy, up to you.

After you pass that welcome screen the OPTIONS screen pops up. there is a tree of options to go through and set mIRC to your likeing. first thing you want to go to is click on the little [+] icon next to the top option, (it will look like this [+]Connect) click the [+] and a drop down menu will appear.


Click ADD NEW SERVER, name it server1 (or whichever you want) enter server ID (irc.ircstorm.net) as well as port number 6667 (this is normally automatically done) after you se that up go to the tree menu (where the [+]Connect is now [-]Connect) click on CONNECT, the connection options menu appears where you can enter your personal information (like the name you would like to use when in there, along with your email adress (o anything that comes to mind to enter in the line for email))

Once that is all set click CONNECT, you should be directed to the MotD (Message of the Day). After you get that, you can type into the typing window (which is along the bottom of the mIRC screen I assume, mine is on my right of the screen (I'm Chinese so everything is right to left)) all you goptta type is /join #channelname in this case you just type /join #ElfQuest (or if you want a run through of command you can go [url=http://stargatechat.atspace.com]here[/url] <-- link takes you directly to my sisters stargate channel)