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Name: Nightsea


Link to Images: http://elvenholt.twilightlegend.net/f11-nightsea

Birth-tribe: sea elf, but joins star fleet in a mirror universe later

Bond-Animal: Moonfisher, a bottlenose dolphin (he can send).

Appearance: auburn/brown hair, super long with a widow's peak,
high ponytail (like a Chief's topnot in style) or worn straight down
she's tall with blue eyes and arched eyebrows

Attire: blue mini skirt with yellow sash,
blue sleeveless halterish top w/yellow edge,
thigh high black high heel boots,
phaser or sword optional
See uniform "A" (but make it blue): http://www.draconic.ndo.co.uk/issghidorah/uniforms.htm
But, keep her in blue and you can make any outfit work.
Prefers two-piece (bare midriff) style.
sea or space influences welcome

Background http://www.draconic.ndo.co.uk/issghidorah/crew05p.htm Also see fanfics.

Personality: She's afraid of space, but hides it well.
She is nocturnal. See background above for more.

Role: Island young elf (past)
Lt. on board the Ghidorah Star Fleet ship (current)

Skills: minor healing, sending

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9121#9121

Name: Pearlshade

Link to Images: http://elvenholt.twilightlegend.net/f11-nightsea

Birth-tribe: sea elf, mermaid with grey dolphin tail

Appearance: Very long pony tail, very straight, very light yellow hair
medium grey eyes, normal elfquest ears, long thin fingers (unwebbed),
smaller breasts

Attire: one necklace with 3 grey/black pearls on a string.
pearls form a V shape strung together with large center pearl at the bottom point of the V, the two matched smaller pearls on either "top" of the V are connected by a string to each other straight across as well
(upsidedown triangle with pearls at points)

If you prefer a modest look, give her clothing of any sort, but she will only wear it while you're looking Wink

Seashells, seaweed, fish...anything underwater might wind up with her.
trident or long spear optional

Role: Loner mermaid

Skills: sends

Personality: she's ancient like Savah and kinda on the tranquil side
most of the time. Her eyes have that "I know" look.

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8928#8928

Name: Vytha

Link to Images:

Birth-tribe: Blue Mountain (alternaverse)
Parents: Voll + Winnowill
Age: still young...early 20s

Appearance: Winnowill style long white hair
(use pink or lavender instead of grey to highlight),
red eyes (albino), pale skin, thinish

Attire: Blue Mountain colors (white, grey, black, blue, purple, red)
Dresses mostly...but you can be creative
(can change the colors too if you so desire)
Etc.: Feathers, spiderwebs, egg patterns, bats,
jewelery in silver (sometimes large black lacey earrings)...have fun!

Role: Questing

Skills: Dream feeding, sending

Personality: she's been raised by Winnie, but wants to be sweet and free

Background: born with a weak heart muscle, she faints and is generally
frailish and weak of body, but indomitable in spirit

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=369899#369899

Name: Wavecatcher


Link to Images: http://eda.of-the-night.com/wavecatcher.html

Birth-tribe: island/sea elf (land)

Appearance: black hair (side part, curled in toward face, above shoulder length),
dark blue eyes, tan skin (think Hawaiian)
Attire: sea shades + black (anything aquatic themed)

Skills: Water/weather talent

Personality: Intense + stubborn. Slightly arrogant, but with actual compasion
Background: He grows up on an island and helps the tribe with
his skills to avoid stormy seas and tropical weather disasters, so he gets
sorta full of himself and his role. But he really does care about others
and he'll be the first to tell you so. Once Nightsea knocks him down a
peg thru recognition, he mellows out nicely.

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=366512#366512