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Sailor's banner is perfectly transformed from the "big piece" to this medium. Clap

Beautiful collection of "gifted" pieces ... pictures, colors and quotes go well together.

Charming avatars ... I love to see the bauble head here in direct comparism to the original.

I've totally missed that your dollz have found a home here, too.
Seastorm looks lovely in sunny yellow - nice job with the transparent moth fabric and the details like hair and anklet. I love her in the black and seagreen outfit - makes her appearance both strong and feminine. The sheer materials suit her well, - it gives a special touch.
The final one turned out fab ... A beautiful base with delicate skin. Shiny straight hair. The green outfit again ... now layered carefully in delicate hues. The starnacklace - repeted in the brooch that highlights the top. Last not least you put her in a perfect surrounding - in motive and colors.

Okay, I have a challenge for you. It's obvious I like your "magical" banners. Go on with them. Think about ...
... the stoneshapers of BM, caught in stony-cold living death - and Aurek breaking free.
... soft Redlance, grandson of treeshapers - his powers being healing and a weapon both.