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You did great with the Redlance banner - excellent choice of pictures to show his different facets.
Dreamy and determined. Joyful and protective. Magic as a tool - working to please and to scare. Magic for "healing" and as a deadly weapon. Even the colors seem to change from cold to warm.

You have combined the pictures perfectly - I like how the two little figures on each side and the speartip and wolf nose "breaking" the line. The rose you found mirrors his colors exactly.
The green of the frame suits the treeshaper well and the quote is a perfect addition.

Do I understand your pm right and this ... is a gift for me? Hypnotize

The Cutter banner turned out fantastic! Just a few pictures to illustrate the state of mind the quote describes.

The desperation in his real face in the moment of his loss. The hurt and horror in his wooden self, symbolizing the injuries of his soul. The calendar tree that shows the visible scars. And behind all this the memories of "true peace".

I have done a bigger piece with a similar theme ... using similar pictures Smile This banner is a perfect complement.