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Not Kahvi's father? Awwww.

Oh well... Two-Spear is awesome anyway and one of my favorite Chiefs. I wonder who Graywolf's offspring actually was, especially born inside Recognition.

That picture really shows Graywolf is more wolf blooded than elf. Not by too much, but enough. The pure-blooded elves were so cruel to him for it. Graywolf is one of my favorite underrated characters, and I already know about the panel where Cutter is holding two babies in his arms and it says "Never before have twins been born to elf parents of either tribe!" I just assume, and prefer, that it has happened before, due to more concentrations of wolf blood earlier, and lost completely to history and the Now of Wolf Thought. Ember and Suntop are very special and in ways I don't think Graywolf shared with Owl at all.

There was no evidence at all that Owl who was immortal had a bond of any kind with Graywolf, and he certainly wasn't shunned and treated badly by the pure-blooded elves.

That is a story I'd have liked to see, in a contrast to Ember and Suntop. The possibility for interesting stories set in their very different past doesn't diminish them at all. Honestly, I'd prefer it. I'd seen it in fiction before where twins were special because they'd never been born before.

This is one instance where I could imagine the pure-blooded elves, Rellah in particular, considering them a wolf litter and singling out Graywolf in particular as an "accident of birth." Unhappy They were horrible to him, for no reason than how he was born. Unhappy