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I see the Trolls have gathered nicely ... and we had several lucky hunters! Two in a day is a good result, Watershaper - considering you are running short of time these days!
Your eagerness was rewarded in the end - two more for you too, faeriegirl. And you found the tricky part Laugh - don't blame me! How could I disagree with Trinket ... OMG!! imagine this bruhaha!

Shouldn't a sheer golden egg be a real treat for every true Troll, Hammer? Tongue

Oddbit and Freefoot were waiting for early birds ... good catch, Beryl and Moonmoss!

You have spotted Scouter fast, Moonmoss, we'll see whether you are right with the current nest! There's often more than one possibility - and more than one POV Wink Just noticed you brought in Dewshine and the little Bumper as well - you have an knack for Mommy with cub!

In this sense ...


No... any family with Scouter in it needs 5 eggs in my opinion.
Clearbrook/One-eye/Scouter/unknown-sister = 4 but you're forgetting Treestump.
... it would make a lucky seven! You have to add Dewshine, of course and Rillfisher to round it up nicely.

On a different note: Include some profane reasons like no internet access in your considerations! Wink