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Tavie said: I've always sort of assumed that they were a couple (and that that when Ruffel was around they were a... triple.) I mean romantically, emotionally, the whole shebang.
Agreed. I don't know that I really want it to be them, though...the big official same-sex pairing. I mean, they can still be together without being in the spotlight. I feel similarly about Dart and Kimo. I would prefer that the couple who gets the spotlight is someone new, like Sust and Pool. ;) I mean, we've seen them before, of course, but like...they still have plenty of time left in the story. I'm thinking super long-term here, and that's probably my downfall. *laughs* But Final Quest is supposed to be the end of Cutter and co.s story, yes? I want there to be more about who will remain in the story after FQ, so that the transition is a little easier. We're definitely getting more development for Ember's tribe...I'm just hoping that the same-sex couples don't all rocket into space at the end of FQ. XD