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I'm still not over the 'break up' of Dart and Kimo. I was convinced they were in a loving relationship - I 'shipped it hard' (and still do) to put it that way. When it was pointed out (by Richard? I think?) that there isn't anything particular about Dart and Kimo that's more special than, say, between Strongbow and Redlance, I was just so thoroughly disappointed, to the point where I just threw my hands up and went 'that's it - I don't care anymore.' I'm a het woman. I don't know why these two touched me so much. It might be a case of yaoi 'adorable' shipping - 'aawww look at the gays' - but I've thought a lot about this, and I do really think their relationship touched me, even for lacking the possibility for self-insert. Dart is a fantastic character, and Kimo just seems to complete him (and vice versa). Okay I'll stop rambling. I'll just add that I salute pointing out the elves' omni/bi/anything sexuality*. There's enough het representation in the media already, and anything that supports non-het relationships in a loving way (AKA helping to reduce the whole 'being gay is all about sexuality and sexual organs) is fantastic. Bravo! * I know this isn't anything new - W&R has pointed out several times how the elves are omni. But it never hurts emphasizing.