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Oh I agree with you. Which is why the whole 'elves can't be gay because they are omni, and everybody has slept with everybody' made me frown. True, it aligns with other things about the elves that separates them from humans and human behaviour, like the fact that they are immortal. (I'm one of those who almost cried when Skywise had his wolf blood removed. Then having your wolf blood removed became a thing elves just do. Here we've been told the importance of death and pain and coming home and all of a sudden those things means nothing? <-- my immediate reaction. I do understand why Skywise did it, taking the events of KotBW into consideration.) I do understands that elves != humans and that elves have an alien feature to them that is hard to grasp as a human being - it's just that I can't let go of the fact that this is a story told *to* humans, so human emotions are not negligible. What I loved about 'Wild Hunt' Mender is that he's one of very few elves to actually portray jealousy. Real, important, valid jealousy, and then he learns from it and manages to handle it. idk, I guess I'm too much into stories with internal conflicts that feels real. Conflicts that mirror human life. Kind of going off topic now. I think it was fairly obvious that Dart and Kimo have something very special going on, particularly since the Forevergreen - but even before that, when Dart was with Shu-Shen, Kimo was always by his side, gentle and supportive. I love how the soul-name thing was revealed completely randomly in the Forevergreen. To me that felt very natural - there was no big recognition thing for us to see, just that subtle confirmation that yes, Kimo does know Darts soul name, strongly suggesting there must have been a very private moment between them at some point. To me that made their relationship more tender than any 'recognition' moment would have (although I do cherish some of the moments of displayed recognition, Cutter and Leetah being the favourite, of course.) When I saw the teasers of Dart and Kimo playing with Chitter as a baby, I was all OMG CANON but then it turned out to be something of the opposite, and well - shrug.