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Arfurido said: Which is why the whole 'elves can't be gay because they are omni, and everybody has slept with everybody' made me frown.
I think the everybody has slept with everybody Things shouldn't be taken too literally. I don't think Yeyeen has slept with Cheider, just to make an example. As for 'elves not being gay because they're omni'; I think that it's basically 'some prefer what the [opposite gender] have (the "straight ones"), some prefer what the [same gender] have (the "gay ones"), and some like both equally. However, the majority of the "gay" or "straight" ones wouldn't scoff at being with the 'other option', of course Recognition (as with Dart and Serrin) sometimes forces the matter.
Arfurido said: Then having your wolf blood removed became a thing elves just do. Here we've been told the importance of death and pain and coming home and all of a sudden those things means nothing? <-- my immediate reaction. I do understand why Skywise did it, taking the events of KotBW into consideration.)
Might just be me, but you sorta makes it seem like the Wolfriders have had their wolfblood removed villy-nilly. The only one who's even considered it is Moonshade.
Arfurido said: I think it was fairly obvious that Dart and Kimo have something very special going on, particularly since the Forevergreen - but even before that, when Dart was with Shu-Shen, Kimo was always by his side, gentle and supportive.
Great... now you're making me ship Dart-Shushen-Kimo.
lunakat said: I sort of see Dart and Kimo the same way. They are essentially friends.
Friends with benefits? ;)