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RedheadEmber said: I think the everybody has slept with everybody Things shouldn't be taken too literally. I don't think Yeyeen has slept with Cheider, just to make an example.
...well, don't interpret it that literally. ;)
lunakat said: I think you can love someone without having made a lifelong commitment to them. When I was younger, I had a close friend- my best friend- and I loved him more than anything. We were together in every way possible. Except for the commitment factor. Because we hadn't worked our lives out yet. He left- and he never came back. It was okay. It didn't mean we didn't love each other- just that we weren't ready to be married at that time. I sort of see Dart and Kimo the same way. They are essentially friends.
Since it's not confirmed they're lifemates - aye, that's another interpretation, that friendship is all there is to it. (This probably being the canon interpretation.) I guess what it all comes back to, and related to topic, is that I wished for representation. I thought they were representation. But then I learned that basically, elves can't be gay (because they are omni, even for having preferences), and in reference to what I wrote about elves vs humans - it made me realise you will never see (the very important) 'gay representation' in ElfQuest in a way that you (scarcely, sadly) see in other media. Although I see great flaws in my interpretation of Dart and Kimo, and in both of them as gay. Dart recognized, and if he was 100% homosexual, recognition wouldn't be a very pleasant experience for him. I understand omni in the light of recognition, and reproduction, and how the elves are built. I understand Dart's role as bi-ish, having males as his preference rather than his exclusive - it makes sense. I just... I don't like it. What it boils down to is: I can't really agree to 'omnisexuality' being proper representation for gay/bi/asexuals, even if it does literally mean 'everything is up for grabs'. It just doesn't do it for me. Personal preference. I do, however, salute anything that diverts from the heterosexual norm (because a 100% heterosexual society is not natural and pretty pointless to strive for) so hooray for that. (Still just slightly butthurt about Dart and Kimo. X)