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Arfurido said: I guess what it all comes back to, and related to topic, is that I wished for representation. I thought they were representation. But then I learned that basically, elves can't be gay (because they are omni, even for having preferences), and in reference to what I wrote about elves vs humans - it made me realise you will never see (the very important) 'gay representation' in ElfQuest in a way that you (scarcely, sadly) see in other media.
Yeah, this is totally valid. It is something of a cop-out so that they don't have to specifically portray same-sex relationships. They're already not given visibility and heterosexual coupling is very much presented as the norm in Elfquest. Which is fine, it's their story to tell, they get to decide whether or not they want to write those types of relationships, but saying everyone is 'omni' and then not really showing anything but heterosexual couples for forty years... well, what is it that they always say? "Not to decide is itself a choice"? I'm heterosexual, but I see how this would be disappointing if you've always 'read' a certain relationship, like Dart and Kimo, one way, and then that gets sort of casually brushed aside with the "all elves are omni" explanation. Yes, they're different species/cultures than we are, but it doesn't make our human readings any less disappointing because, well, fantasy and sci-fi, they're stories we tell to make sense of the world we actually live in. They're metaphors for real life.