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lunakat said: You guys... all elves were always omni. That's nothing new. That's been a known thing since... well before this. At least since the 90's.
Oh I know. I've known since around KotBW, when Cutter treed with Redlance and Nightfall. At first it didn't bother me - shrug, you know, they're elves, it's all fine and dandy - although it did puzzle me that even for being omni and the stories starting up with the threeways, why we'd so far mostly been seeing heterosexual lifemates, like Tavie said. It probably has a neat explanation, like there seems to be a neat explanation for everything (the Wolfriders had a reason for lifemating as boy-girl because of recognition, while in the Sun Village... etc) but when it came down to Dart/Kimo... it was like, 'here you have an opportunity to take a very masculine character who, if you look at his relationship history, obviously has a preference for males, and lifemate him to a male, but you don't'.
lunakat said: I was suggesting they are probably close friends who sleep together regularly.
Bah, what I meant by friends was 'not lifemated'. My bad.