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I would call Cutter and Skywise "lifemates," but not necessarily a couple. For me, "couple" implies a romantic involvement, and I don't really see that with Cutter and Skywise. There's certainly an intimacy, a very strong closeness that comes naturally with an exchange of souls. I don't think we have a word that fully encompasses what they are...it's always "they're x, but kind of like y too..." Which is fantastic. Not everything needs a strict label, and boundaries like that are very blurred in Elfquest. But Elfquest is definitely an advanced-level sexuality course. It introduces relationships in a very fluid sort of way; orientation doesn't really matter, and while elves sometimes have preferences in furmates, it's about as important as preferring deer to ravvit. I know SO many people who wonder why labels are important in the first place, and think we should just erase them all. But human society doesn't work that way. We like labels, we like putting people in boxes, to help us better understand our world. I think that kid-friendly entertainment can teach about the many different shades of humanity in this fluid fashion if it's taught early enough. But once a kid is exposed to boxes and labels, it gets harder to break out of that...you have to be exposed to the label, then the people who fit in that, then later realize that not everyone who shares a label is the same kind of person...and it takes that process with many, many different kinds of labels to start seeing the world more fluidly again.