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Tavie said: Yes, they're different species/cultures than we are, but it doesn't make our human readings any less disappointing because, well, fantasy and sci-fi, they're stories we tell to make sense of the world we actually live in. They're metaphors for real life.
In this instance, you're conflating "telling" and "reading" and that's not kosher. I can't speak to or for any other author, but with regard to Elfquest, it's a story we (that is, Wendy and I) tell to make sense of the world we actually live in. No one else is telling it. Anyone else who reads it - which is everyone else in the universe - will have a unique reaction because, as clichéd as it may sound, everyone is different. (Clichés get to be clichés because they're true.) Any reader's reaction of disappointment is simply that - one reaction. And everyone's will be different, even if only by a little. We cherish our readers, each and every one, but Ricky Nelson got it right in "Garden Party." We will continue to craft - perceived patches and all - what we started so it feels right and whole to us. Because, in the end, as we've been shown again and again over the years, any reader can, at any time, up and say "I've had it with what you're doing, I quit." And that's OK; it's a valid choice that anyone can make. Except us. (Suddenly I am reminded of the powerful metaphorical ending of the film version of "Jesus Christ, Superstar." Yeah, this feels like that.)