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I don't know who you're talking to @Davrille to get the impression that fans want gold-star gay couples, but I cannot STAND that whole concept, because it's bull, and I don't think anyone should be judged based on who they love. I've fought crazy hard against my own identity and not being "gay enough" because I'm not a gold-star...the idea is preposterous. And I think that life-long Elfquest fans feel the same way. Now, regular comic book fans? Sure, I could see that kind of attitude. There's definitely still a belief, in regular society and many fandoms, that lesbian sex "doesn't count." But I don't think Elfquest fans, at least the very devoted ones, are terribly representative of popular culture. I personally don't care if they call a same-sex pairing "gay" in the comic. They shouldn't do that. Cuz elves aren't gay. But they're not straight either. They're omnisexual. I don't think anyone is really advocating for Sassy Gay Elf, or Fag Hag Elf. But if they're omnisexual, you'd think we'd see more same-sex pairings than there are.