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In this instance, you're conflating "telling" and "reading" and that's not kosher. I can't speak to or for any other author, but with regard to Elfquest, it's a story we (that is, Wendy and I) tell to make sense of the world we actually live in.
I was speaking there of scifi/fantasy in general, not Elfquest in particular. And you're saying you're telling stories about YOUR world in Elfquest, about the world YOU actually live in. So what does it mean that your stories don't reflect same-sex couples? That you don't encounter any in your world? I don't believe that for a second. :) Again, you are absolutely free to tell the stories that you WANT to tell, no one in this thread has challenged that for a second! But you choose to tell a a story that portrays only heterosexual pairings of a group of elves that enjoy combinations that include more than that. That sends a message, whether or not you want it to. I don't read elfquest for its portrayal of "omnisexuality" because it doesn't show much of that. That's fine because there is PLENTY else in the story for me to enjoy. :)