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Which way do you like your hotdogs?




totaly off the subject me I am very picky I like my hotdog split when cooked with yellow muster it has to be yellow musterd and the bun not toasted plain.


[color=mediumpurple:83e61e6f19]Okay, I'll bite :)

I dont like the texture of a frank, never have. So whenI was little & me Dad would bbq i'd sit there [inside- cant eat outside to this day: bugs, dirt & prickly wooden picnic tables are not my chosen method of dining. Am terribly fussy, drive me Mom to distraction!] eating a dill pickle done up in the bun- ketchup, yellow mustard [lots of both so it oozes out the end & makes the bun all soggy- buns the bes part!] maybe a little bit of saurkraut in the plain ole grocery store bun. [which might taste a little freezerburnt, My folks love their Deepfreeze!]

So as I got older i discovered the joys of Kielbasa & hot Italian sausage! and will happily eat those- the kielbasa same as before, crisp skinned & dripping with hot juice or maybe sliced into coins & fried up with some peirogi or diced into a fried potato mash...
the hot Italian sliced in half, grilled then served up on a bun with mayonayse, fresh lettuce, sliced tomato, dill pickle, maybe a touch of dijon or hot sauce depending on my mood & the spice-gradient of the sausage itself :)

Im luck enough to have found a local resertaunt thay'll give me this last one just the way i like it :0, with a pickled pepper & hashed browns on the side! Nomnomnom. [/color:83e61e6f19]


I like my hot dog grilled and my bun toasted. Ketchup, relish and mayo. No mustard. :D


I like them grilled or boiled w/katchup only! can eat all day long!!! :D


Grilled well-done, with nothing but sauerkraut on it.


Are they called "hot dogs" in other countries?


[color=mediumpurple:5ad779f27f]Could well be- quite likely they be only a north american thing- "red hots" "franks" "hot dog" *Was originally derived from a Vienna Sausage [Vienna=Wiener by prononciation]
So i have no doubt they have a zillion different ways to eat a "wiener" in Europe [or any other sort of sausage for that matter][size=7:5ad779f27f] like those canned vienna sausages- how do you eat those? ive always wondered...[/size:5ad779f27f]

[size=9:5ad779f27f]*Wheras my hot italian sausage is a "po boy" from cajun country & may have no relation to a "hot dog" other then its not improbable more then one person thoght of adding a sausage to a bun XD.[/size:5ad779f27f][/color:5ad779f27f]


Probably the best-known account of how frankfurters came to be called "hot dogs" goes back to about 1901, when the New York Giants baseball team (now in San Francisco) was playing in upper Manhattan.

Stands and restaurants near the Polo Grounds stadium already sold what were then called "dachshund sausages" and the team's concession company decided to do the same, only in bread rolls. Vendors would yell out "Get your red-hot dachshund sausages," and eventually the name got shortened to its present form.

With a nickname like "dachshund," I think Americans would have caught on to the name at some point, but I think this just helped the process along. Wink

(who did NOT have a hot dog for lunch today)


[color=mediumpurple:e6b8a0454c]ROFL! I never quite twigged to it! I knew the "Vienna Sausage" thing but not the "Frank=german" bit. frankfurter - sausage-in-a-bun-from-Frankfurt ...XD of course![/color:e6b8a0454c]


i.... like my hotdog... with CHILI!!! muahahahahah! i dont know why but i love chili.

But if i didnt have my chili, its mustard and ketchep so it comes out the ends... I love this vegartation version of the hotdog called Veggie links... fried up and dipped in mayo. yummyness :D


[color=darkred:d4531eb36b]I'm un-American... I don't like hot dogs...[/color:d4531eb36b]


Once again, my mother makes them best - broiled in the oven until they're split and a little wrinkled, in oven-toasted buns, with spicy brown mustard.


Now if it was a chilli dog I like ton's of chilli and cheese with freanch fries on the side and a nice diet soda/pop!


if Im just having a quick dog, then just nuke them on the bun with cheese. if Im cooking out, then I need some nice brats roasted on a fire on a toasted bun with yellow mustard and cheese.


Ketchup and relish, but only because that's how my mother dressed them.


I prefer the bread on the outside of the sausage. The other way... just won't work! :)


I like them IKEA. With whatever passes for mustard there.


oh and HEMA hotdogs. it's not like they are tasty or anything, but their bread with a hole in it and no-nonsense minimalism appeals to me. And with mustard, of course. It would probably upset an American, and I file this under "guilty pleasures".


Which way do I like my hot dogs? Well, I like the hot dog parallel to the bun.


I like them with a bun and mayo or fried up in a corn dog.



Elwing said: I like them IKEA.

Self-assembling hotdogs?

Trollbabe said: Which way do I like my hot dogs? Well, I like the hot dog parallel to the bun.

Trying to do it otherwise... won't do!


some assembly required!




At least you won't need an Allen key to put it together... ^v^


How funny. Never knew there were instruction for the assembly of a hot dog. Okay, I'm an odd one. Just slap the hotdog in the bun and go for it. I might add cheeses once in a while. Then there are chili dogs, yummy. No I don't care for ketchup or mustard, so I like to keep it simple, unless you get to the chili dogs.


I think it's an IKEA thing, the kinda like assempling instructions.


For me I like my 'ogs not sneezing thankyouverymuchly


I like them on a plain white bun, with some mayonnaise. I like them hot and juicy. I like them big. If there is a bbq or campfire nearby- I prefer them a little scorched.