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'Storm's Banners & Stuff *New Banners & Taking Requests 4/8/12


reserved to SailorSilvanesti

reserved to Embala

reserved to elfeneyes

Postin 'em so I can find them, and as soon as I get photoshop up and running on my com I will hopefully be making some more!

These were made by others on the forum and reserved to me: (If you made 'em please let me know so I can give proper credit!)


from Arthis
from ElfTanner
from Embala

from Freefootgirl
from Freefootgirl
from Freefootgirl
from ReyesLord
from ReyesLord


very nice bannersSmile


They are beautiful, Seestorm!

I love the idea standing behind them and the ethereous look of the first two. Excellent use of the Recognition moment.


Your banners are realy beautyful


Thank you for all the praise! Smile


Ok, so figured I would post my dolls here too, so I can find 'em later. Happy

My first two tries with Seastorm:

*Base from: http://home.earthlink.net/~lumpley/megweb

and I think I finally got her the way I want:

*Base from: http://www.wayuki.nl/index.php


A new banner... finally!

reserved to SailorSilvanesti


So, I am itching to do some more banners, but am running short on ideas...
Any requests for anything in particular? PM me if you would like a banner!


Sailor's banner is perfectly transformed from the "big piece" to this medium. Clap

Beautiful collection of "gifted" pieces ... pictures, colors and quotes go well together.

Charming avatars ... I love to see the bauble head here in direct comparism to the original.

I've totally missed that your dollz have found a home here, too.
Seastorm looks lovely in sunny yellow - nice job with the transparent moth fabric and the details like hair and anklet. I love her in the black and seagreen outfit - makes her appearance both strong and feminine. The sheer materials suit her well, - it gives a special touch.
The final one turned out fab ... A beautiful base with delicate skin. Shiny straight hair. The green outfit again ... now layered carefully in delicate hues. The starnacklace - repeted in the brooch that highlights the top. Last not least you put her in a perfect surrounding - in motive and colors.

Okay, I have a challenge for you. It's obvious I like your "magical" banners. Go on with them. Think about ...
... the stoneshapers of BM, caught in stony-cold living death - and Aurek breaking free.
... soft Redlance, grandson of treeshapers - his powers being healing and a weapon both.


Thanks for all the praise, Embala!

You're right, those are a challenge... I'm on it! Happy


Here is the Redlance banner... Hope you like it!

And a banner of Cutter...


You did great with the Redlance banner - excellent choice of pictures to show his different facets.
Dreamy and determined. Joyful and protective. Magic as a tool - working to please and to scare. Magic for "healing" and as a deadly weapon. Even the colors seem to change from cold to warm.

You have combined the pictures perfectly - I like how the two little figures on each side and the speartip and wolf nose "breaking" the line. The rose you found mirrors his colors exactly.
The green of the frame suits the treeshaper well and the quote is a perfect addition.

Do I understand your pm right and this ... is a gift for me? Hypnotize

The Cutter banner turned out fantastic! Just a few pictures to illustrate the state of mind the quote describes.

The desperation in his real face in the moment of his loss. The hurt and horror in his wooden self, symbolizing the injuries of his soul. The calendar tree that shows the visible scars. And behind all this the memories of "true peace".

I have done a bigger piece with a similar theme ... using similar pictures Smile This banner is a perfect complement.



Thank you so much for all the praise! I had alot of fun making the Redlance banner! The Cutter one was just yelling at me to be made when finding the pictures of Redlance...

And yes, the Redlance banner is my gift to you! Happy Hope you enjoy!


Yay Thank you! Happy


A new one to add to the collection.

Reserved to Elfeneyes if she wishes it:


This is wonderful, Seastorm - lovely choice of pictures. It really shows the motto. Clap


A darker piece... simply a need to grieve.


Wouldn't call it dark, Seastorm. Full of emotion, a touching choice of pictures - well combined, harmonic in their grief. Well done ...

... would call it well inspired when the reason wouldn't be so sad *hugs*


Thank you, Embala.


A darker piece... simply a need to grieve.

It is only now that I understand why the image of the wooden statue of Cutter marking time is so effective. It is the mouth. The cuts there gives the effect of looking as if the Chief is sobbing so hard that spittle and snot is running. But. You. Can't. Stop Crying.

What I really like about the banner is how the different colors works together. And the different expressions, though everyone is very much upset.


Thanks, Dj.
That picture of Cutter has always had an impact on me and it fit very well with the rest of the images in this banner. The colors weren't intentional to begin with, but as I was putting the pieces together they seemed to flow from one to the next.