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In praise of awesome comic shops!


Where do you get your comics? Do you get them online, or do you have a comic shop that you go to? Do you love it or hate it?
Show it off here!

I live in Antwerp, an old city in a little known country (Belgium!), which has historically a strong comics culture. There are 3 specialized comics shops in town, Tse Tse, which specializes in independent comics, Beo, which stocks an impressive range of new and vintage European comics, and Mekanik, which sells everything, European comics (in 5 different languages!) Manga, and imported comics from the United States. So, that's where I go to get my Elfquest fix!

Mekanik has been around forever and is magnificent. http://tintintravels.tumblr.com/post/1115751680/review-mekanik-strip this article with pictures describes it better than I can!


I order it online, so I don't have to wait. But I also get my floppy copy at one of my local copy shops. We have a few here in town. I tend to go to my closest one, but it isn't my favorite place. The guys there can be slightly stereotypical "comic book guys" but after going there for some time, they have finally warmed up to me. It takes time in places like that, especially being female.

If I can go to the other one, in our the college district of our town, I tend to enjoy my time a little bit more. But they don't open as early as the one closest to me ;)


I get mine at a small comic book store in down-town Ã…rhus. Nice little place, where I seem to have already become "That woman who reads Elfquest." Probably because I came in several times when issue #1 came out, basically going "have you got it now?"


Ha! yes, know that feeling. Especially when I still had a job, and I sometimes came to pick up some X-men book after work in my skirt suit and office lady heels. Some comic shop guys can really make you feel like a fish out of water. But I'm always fine at the shop I mentioned, and if anyone disrespects me for buying what some would consider a stereotypical woman's comic, well, that's their problem and not mine.


My comic shop is in the next bigger town- half an hour by train. They order EQ for years and by default. My issues are reserved for me since the Special came out and would wait for me for weeks ... just in case it would be necessary. ^^ Minor disadvantage - they get delivery from USA only twice a month ... so I normally have to wait a week longer to get it.


I have two local comic shops that I can easily get to. One, I am banned from, because I spent too much time browsing. It was very...stereotypical in there, I guess? Lots of superheroes. All male staff. The male customers got help, I got glares. I was idly paging through one of the Discovery floppies and I was told that the customers come to that store for NEW comics, and that by opening it, I was making it "used." I also was holding a new copy of Archive 3, and when that incident happened, I put it down to leave, because so shop with such an air of unfriendliness wasn't going to get my money. The owner hounded me until I put it back in the proper place, and then kicked me out. So...yeah, I don't go there.

The other comic shop really specializes more in anime and manga. They have a huge room full of anime you can rent (on DVD AND VHS, which I think is fantastic), lots of action figures, collectible stuff, and then boxes and boxes and boxes of floppies. I don't actually buy floppies (except for Discovery...I have those, because we didn't have the digital option at the time), I buy graphic novels (I'm always worried about hurting the floppies), and their graphic novel section is VERY sparse. The employees there are SUPER friendly though, so when new EQ graphic novels start coming out, I will certainly go there and see if they can order me a copy.


Since I moved to Western Massachusetts, the comic store pickings have become more rare. There was one in my new town when I first moved here in 2009, it closed either later that year or early the next. Back then I wasn't buying comics so I wasn't worried. (I had stopped collecting any other titles a few years earlier when I realized how much I was spending.) So... when the preview came out, I had a friend get it for me, but realized that wasn't going to work on a regular basis. For issue one, I contacted a comic store that the company I work for had created and hosts a web site for. I wasn't looking for discounts, just help in getting it. (This was after it was already out.) They happily mailed it to me and at the same time tried to get me to subscribe to other titles that I have no interest in. In the long run, they said they'd put me on a subscriber list and that it could be mailed to me at my expense (totally ok). I figured I was all set for issue two. I was wrong. I get the digital copies so I can read it right away, but I truly enjoy reading the actual paper copy too. So after almost two weeks after issue two came out, I still hadn't received it, I called the comic store. The employee said "Oh, I'm sorry we don't mail out subscriptions, but I'll speak to the owner about it." A couple of days later I get issue two and another issue one, with a note that says they won't charge me because of the delay. I decided to contact my old comic store in Western Massachusetts. He says, "No problem. When you get it, just add whatever amount you see on the postage and send me a check." I told him that I want anything and everything he gets ElfQuest related. He knows I'm a big fan, and over the 20+ years that I've known him has given me little things here and there. I'm looking forward to continued business with him.


I get my comics at the best comic shop in the universe. It was started and run by a really nice couple. Widow still runs it, but the husband passed away last year. I went to the church fifteen minutes before his funeral, and so many people showed up, I had to park on the next block.


How wonderful and sad all at once @Trollbabe. I am so glad you have such a fantastic store and past experiences there. It is also so great that he was obviously well loved. It's nice to hear his wife is still running the place.


First time I've heard "Darth Vader" and classic "Batman" themes played at a funeral.


Trollbabe said: First time I've heard "Darth Vader" and classic "Batman" themes played at a funeral.

That is magnificent!


Mine gets new stuff on the last Thursday each month (and one more time, but that kinda irrelevant here), which of course means that they should get it today. Unfortunately today is a Holyday, so... I'm not sure.


Wow, what an awful experience Tam! That sucks. And all the best to the lady who runs your shop, Trollbabe. Unfortunately I heard this week that the couple who run my favorite shop are looking for somebody to take over their shop, as they are longing for well-deserved retirement. I hope they find somebody who has what it takes to survive in this very special type of business...


I guess I'm pretty lucky, most of the comic shops in my area have been great and women/EQ friendly. If any of you ever find yourselves in Albuquerque, New Mexico I can't recommend Comics Warehouse and Noble Collectibles enough.


My sis lives out that way, so I will keep it in mind!


So, went Down to my local store to pick up issue 7, and the guy running the store had put the issues aside for me, without me needing to have requested him to do so! He just said it would be a shame if I came in and they were all sold, mind you the store gets the new issues on Thursday.


I used to work at a place called Dimension X Cards and Comics in a Colorado Springs mall back in the Nineties. It was my very first retail job- actually, it might've been my first job period. I could have stayed for a long time had they not moved to a location that was just too far to drive to be practical. But Ed, the owner, was a great guy. He was always friendly to employees and customers, and he was patient with such an inexperienced gal (me). Ed even took me seriously when I mentioned we needed a second cash register that took cash only. That really helped cut down on some trouble with long lines. If ever you're in Colorado Springs, look for Ed's Cards and Comics.

Dimension X was replaced by Heroes and Dragons, which had/has comics, manga, DVDs, action figures, and other nifty things. I shopped there enough that the owner and a couple of his employees still recognize me even after I took a long break from collecting due to funds getting tighter and my two favorite Marvel comics getting canceled. But that could probably be because odds are I'm their shortest customer ever. (Four feet, ten inches tall on a good day. XD)

The staff at Heroes and Dragons is professional, knowledgeable, easy-going, and if the store's not busy, they're glad to chat with their customers. When they moved out of the mall, they found a building where they could spread out into two levels, the bottom of which is a gaming room. Look them up too if you're ever in the Springs. ^n_n^


Yay! My local shop has a new leash on life thanks to an enthusiastic young couple. Now, let's hope they put the latest EQ on the shelves quickly!