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Raised by Elves


Here's a thought: most cultures have myths of human babes found and raised by "the hidden ones."

It just occurred to me that those of us who started reading EQ as children and/or for whom our worldview was profoundly influence by EQ are the real-life embodiment of these myths.

We were literally raised by elves--or at the least by Elfmom and Elfpop--and are better people for it. Life imitating art imitating life?

I don't know the answer, but I'm greatly comforted by the thought of this.



Well said.

Also, I really love that we have an actual mythology for this generation (not just this generation, but you know what I mean). I always think of Joseph Campbell and how he's said that part of the issue of this day and age is that we haven't had our own mythology (he mentioned Star Wars as the last exception). The hero's journey hasn't been taken into account any longer since it's no longer 'needed' in terms of modern day living - and yet it still is within our psyche, and we do crave it on an instinctual level. Elfquest actually manages to speak to that need wonderfully, and to fulfill it. It's all kinds of awesome.

I know I'm deviating from your post, but it's just kind of sparked my thoughts about mythology in general and why we're still so hungry for it.


I remember when I was 16 and lived in the US I had a discussion with a (much older) friend who commented on how I talked about the Elfquest characters as if they were my family and I said something along the lines of: "But they are! They taught me so much."

So yeah, I like that thought, too ... and also thinking of EQ as "our" mythology.


ElfQuest was a mother to me at a time when I really needed one to help me navigate the transition from child to adult. From ElfQuest I have learned both lessons of storytelling (characterization, the value of small details) and of life itself (what home is, compassion). Being raised by elves, I believe, has given me an adaptability that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

I'm incredibly grateful for ElfMom, ElfPop, and the work they've done all these years.

The thought of ElfQuest being a modern mythology for us... this I can agree with and endorse. ElfQuest is what brings us together.