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What happened to Willowgreen?


Here is something that I have been chewing on:

There has been discussion about the Kahvi series and aspects of it. Something has been gnawing away at me.

It is said that Willowgreen's treachery removed the wolf blood from Two-Spear's tribe.

Nothing is said about what happened to her after she did it.

What if...what if...

She fled from Two-Spear and the tribe and wandered the world. What if she altered her appearance ever so slightly in case she happened upon them.

Something simple,like her hair color...

What if she came across another set of elves. Pure bloods that took her in and offered her sanctuary.

"What is your name?" they would ask.

Willowgreen would not want to use the name that she had in her previous life. The name that struck a pain deep in her heart, but she would not allow herself to forget her past, nor the 'mistake' Timmain's sacrifice had done to her kind and what she did to set things right again.

She would think long about her answer as the young leader, named Voll, waited for her to respond.

"Well?" he would ask. "What do we call you?"

Willowgreen would smile a crooked smile and look at the young leader.

"I am called Winnowill the Healer"



Well, heard from Wendy herself that there is no link between Willowgreen and Winnowwill.

I can let that go and sleep better...


I have a feeling Winnie would've already been long way down the path of insanity by the time the split of the Wolfriders happened. :!!


What I love is that Wendy said that if I wanted to write a story to that effect, I could go ahead...

oh, to be able to play around in that world...