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When/If the Elves leave....?


I was going back through the Future Quest issues and I can't help wonder that the elves that do leave (still TBC - I know!) will go off and find an alternative world to live on? Or maybe even try to find the original home world - even though the reality of this is that it doesn't exist anymore, as it was dying?

When Annahvi is talking to the Master of The Palace - the following things are said - We'll make Worldfall on Darkholt and something about the Troll-domes maybe won't still hold air? I'm thinking that the area that the Palace will go to, to be safe maybe will be off of Abode totally? I'm thinking that the Elves are gonna need the trolls help???


The hints seem to say the elves and trolls will live on the moons for awhile before heading out-system more long-term.


Would make sense yes, but how will they live there, without air to breath? It doesn't look like they have moons with an atmosphere.


Troll domes to hold an athmosphere - and the Palace to create the oxygen?

The Palace is used as vehicle for space travel and not all Elves are in wrapstuff during it. Therefore it must be able to create breathable air. And as second step they could create a functioning biospere under the domes.


Sorry, I ment on the moon there is no atmosphere. So they can go there, but can't go outside!
I don't believe the Palace has that much power, to create an atmosphere on the whole moon. But it does generate oxygen, because the High Ones needed it too.
As for domes on the moon.... not sure that could be, maybe only when they Palace is there, being part of the Palace I mean. Leaving it there when they (finally) go on their spacetravels. So maybe they could fill it when they arrive again?!


Maybe they wouldn't Abode-form the entire moons? Just have a colony or several shielded by troll-domes or Palace-magic or whatever, inside of which they would have the kind of atmosphere they require?