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Ask Elfmom: Dart, Kimo and Censorship


Q - You and Richard have always been very protective of Elfquest and have gone to the mat several times for Cutter and crew when attempts have been made to de-elf them for mass consumption. Since you've joined forces with DC, the topic of how much free rein you and Richard have over the content of the Elfquest comic comes up now and then.

Sometimes it's in regards to someone thinking that Dart and Kimo's relationship is being censored, sometimes it's regarding the covering up of various elf bits, at other times its in regards to changes made to your older work when the reprints show up. I was hoping you could clear up how much say the folks at DC get in what makes it into the newer Elfquest stories and what gets nixed.

A - That topic I addressed fully a couple of days ago in my latest WendyWords. I said: "I have every reason to express oceans of gratitude that not once in three years of working for 'the Man' have I been forced to compromise my vision as an independent artist and writer."

What that means is DC Comics has not, in any way, placed restrictions on our storytelling that we ourselves did not choose from our own sensibilities. Neither our former editor Bob Greenberger nor our new one, Bob Schreck, have meddled at all with the story or art. We and DC agree that Elfquest is a family-friendly series and they trust us to know what that means.

As to the possible censoring of Dart and Kimo's relationship...goodness! :roll: What are you folks out there assuming? Dart had a male lovemate in the Sun Village, but we haven't explicitly indicated it's the same situation with Kimo. Our elves are not gay - they can't even conceive of such a label. Every possible combination is normal to them; they don't tend to stick to a pattern or limit themselves. As we like to say, "everyone's visited everyone's tree sometime or other." Believe me, if Dart and Kimo were bonded lovemates, we'd get it across to the audience in the best of taste in the new material.

Finally, any changes you see to my older work in the DC Archive editions or the EQ manga have been solely my decision. Those decisions were based on improving the proportions of art-to-page ratio for the Archives and on allowing the art to "breathe" in the manga (in which the little bits of nudity, as you may have noticed, were left intact). I'm extremely happy with the results and hope you are, too.

Or as Ricky Nelson expressed it in "Garden Party"...

"But it's all right now,
I learned my lesson well.
You see, ya can't please everyone
So ya got to please yourself."