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October 2007 Grab-Bag Writings & Art


Here are the elements for October (this should be a real challenge!)

Magic gone afoul
A mother keeping vigil
Drizzly, dreary rain
Severe illness/injury with long recovery
A rock

All works must be related to Elfquest, whether canon-based, original character, alternate universe, or whatever. Writings must contain all six elements. Art can either contain all six elements, or illustrate one of the writings.

Have fun! :D


*sniff* *sniff*


The smell of a challenge....

So bittersweet and yet so seductive...


Ohh...I can SO do this one! Give me a bit to mull over the ingredients and I'll cook something up? Sorry that I have not been posting much, but I've had other things that I needed to get out of my head. I think, I might write a story of one of the elves that survive the illness which wrecked Doeskin's tribe. A story is already forming!

As always, I loved the story you wrote Tymber, I love your tribe and how fleshed out they are. The whole story was so believable and reminded em strongly of Red lance. (Still one of my favorite parts.) I also adored the cubs you let us meet. (I think Echo though was my favored of the two, though Windfetcher seems like shes destined to be a handful of a little thing.


I will post... :) Just give me some time for some inspiration to strike. :) I've been pretty busy lately... and I'm trying to write more to "Circles" which seems to be a v. long saga... have you read it? :) And writing over at Rain Forest Holt, and writing for the fanmovie, and conspiring w/ Arill on something about Fahar... :) he heee:) I love the grab bag, though, and I look forward to writing something soon!


The first of at least two parts. The second will have the rest of the elements, sorry!


Water droplets trembled at the ends of Nara's long, dark lashes as she stared into the darkening, sodden forest surrounding her. The pine tree above her, which offered only the slightest bit of shelter, creaked and sighed in the wind, making the maiden gasp sharply in terror.

A raindrop fell onto her cheek, tracing it's way down a path already worn there by countless tears.

[i:f2b23fd0b9]They were coming.[/i:f2b23fd0b9]

The drop slid down her slim, pointed chin, down her slender column of a neck, pausing for a moment in the hollow of her throat.

She couldn't hear them. Not quite. Which was worse then being able to. To have the merest suggestion of sound, on the edges of your hearing, never being sure whether it was real, or just your mind, playing tricks on you...

Jolted by her shudders, the droplet continued down the valley of her bosom, and hit her splayed fingers, mingling with the rest of the rainwater and the sweat from her fear-damp palms.

Nara clutched her child-swollen stomach and stared into the darkness.

[i:f2b23fd0b9]They were coming.[/i:f2b23fd0b9] She knew this, she knew they would arrive, sudden, on the soundless feet of inevitable death.

If only there were some proof! Some hint that they were there, that it was coming soon. Anything was better than this relentless fear, this gray waiting.

As if on cue, Nara's terrified eyes caught sight of a glint of blue-green in the trees.


Wide, elven eyes, the color of the ocean in the sun. As Nara stared, they flickered.

Ember blinked, and stepped from the bushes, her Wild Hunt behind her.

"What in Timmorn's name is an elf maiden - a [i:f2b23fd0b9]pregnant[/i:f2b23fd0b9] elf maiden, to add dung to the pile - doing out here, so close to the human settlement? Where is your lifemate, pretty one? What is your name?"




Oooh, Jade! I really really like this! When do we get more? And will we get backstory as well???


Ohhh! I know who it will be in my story finally. CloudStorm, Berryfur, Lastlight, and ShadowShift will play a part in it. Sadly with the two parents- oops! Not giving it away yet!


Tymber, that was riveting! I really like Vineweaver, and I like his internal struggle as he decides whether or not to kill the Bone Dancer. I'd have liked to see a bit more of the pain of his poisoned wound as the others came to get him. And . . . you didn't tell us where Temier was at the end, did you? Did he walk away before Vineweaver attacked? I think he must have, because he didn't try to stop Vineweaver.

Jade Owl, that was a complete surprise, Ember and the Wild Hunt showing up like that! I loved it! I, too, loved the imagery of her tears. Beautiful writing! Looking forward to the end.

I have something in mind for this month, but I've been more than a little busy. . .


She had sent him away for his own good, but she knew it would be hard on her young son. He was sent to one of the few healthy adults left in the village. The disease had stricken most who have had contact with the local human tribe. These humans they traded with, they were friends with, each village benefited from one another. So why then, was it a surprise when one village was stricken that the other would follow? Berryfur looked down to her mate. CloudStream groaned beneath the furs. He had gone from a strong young chief, to a sickly frail waif of a man.

It had only been three days since he appeared sick, and in those three days Berryfur had chase out their son ShadowShift to protect him from becoming sick and falling to the disease like so many. If their village had a healer, or even if they knew the way of the human medicines they would be able to heal themselves! Yet no healer had been born in the tribe for many generations, and only recently has any of the elves gone to learn the humans ways.

Berryfur knew she too should leave, but who would be with her love to the end? How could she leave what she knew to be his last even as he now slept a fitful sleep of exhaustion? Her hand fell to her swollen stomache. She knew that not for her own good, but the good of their unborn child she had to leave. Yet every time she stood to go, her eyes would fall on her love, and she would end up besides him again.

She did not fear for her life, but for the health and life of her children. Laying besides her love she frowned as her head fell upon something hard. She lifted it and searched under the until she found it. Withdrawing her hand she found the item, it was a blue sparkling rock. This rock was the treasure of her son, and he would of never left it except as a good luck charm for his sick father. Berryfur smiled a little and placed it back under the fur where her son had hidden it away before looking to her mate.

Her soft fingers rubbed over his brow as she tried to soothe him. He groaned and slowly relaxed under the tender fingers of his beloved. "Your little imp of a son has left you with his treasure my love. He must truly be more worried then one could imagine." She laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes to sleep.

She was awakened, not by the now pouring rain outside of her home. Though by now it was mid-day, the rain poured and the clouds blocked out the sun making it dark out. She was not awakened even by the howling winds, or the soft kicking of her unborn daughter. What was it then that had awakened her? Perhaps it was the lack of warmth besides her, or how stiff and rigid her beloved's body had become. Maybe it was the lack of breath or heartbeat. She was not sure which it was that had roused her, but she knew it was what had broken her heart.

Lifting her head, tears slid down her cheeks as the wind howled louder, and the rain intensified. She could hear the waves as they ravaged the beach. She knew then that this storm was the very island screaming at the loss of her gentle lover, her chief and mate. Berryfur threw her head back and screamed with the howling wind. She let her tears fall as she screamed as loud as her lungs and swollen tummy would allow her.

Her mourning was not unnoticed. She was soon joined by friends, family, all within their own homes cried out in response to her loss. She did not hear them though, she did not hear even herself. She was lost in her anguish. That was until a sudden sharp pain pulled her form her misery. It was deep down in her lower belly. It was an odd pain but she knew what it was from before. She gripped her stomach and gasped holding it. Standing up, she made her way through the rain and howling wind to the nearest hut before collapsing against the door. "Hes gone...Hes gone but the baby is coming!"

The birth was long, it was complicated and hard. Both mother and infant survived the birth, but Berryfur had fallen to the sickness, as was the child. Many of the old elves tried desperately to call forth healing magics they did not have. Many discovered hidden talents, but none found themselves to have the abilities needed to help their chieftess and her infant. Many proved to be harmful. For instance a 'healing' nearly resulted in the baby girl becoming the center of a bond-fire, or wrapped in a sudden patch of strangle weeds!

Before long, MorningShade returned home from the human village. He had learned their medicines and even learned a cure for the illness. He arrived too late to save his uncle's mate. But his young cousin, he took into his care. He was able to give her medicine, to nurse her back to health. Despite his efforts, her recovery would not be a quick one. She would be weak and frail, indeed sickly for many turns of the seasons.

Many would fall to this illness, and from this illness and the need of healers two true healers would be born in the village after this incident. Perhaps from the attempts to awaken the ability within the older ones, the younger ones gained it? Or maybe their blood knew what was needed. A second outbreak of the illness would occur, with devastating results, but it would be staunched more quickly then the first. The death of her parents was a tragedy, but the village had reason to celebrate LastLight's birth.


Asinas.... That was... heartbreaking! And poor little LastLight! Without Mother or Father! Are there more of her stories? And of her parents? Who became chief next? And who were the two little healers?

You did a great job capturing emotion! Thank you for sharing this story!


Yes there are more stories of LastLight, her brother, ShadowShift became cheif even though he was still very young (elders of the village did more though, kinda think of them as begin regents until he came of age.)

There is at least one or two of her parents to come, and the two healers are Doeskin (MorningShade's daughter. LastLight and morning shade are actually cousins.) And ShadowShift's own daughter RainFall.


Here's the second part.


Nara screamed, scratching hopelessly, helplessly, against the grasping arms of the demons. Her wails were lost in the damp of the forest, but the words burned themselves into her mind as she repeated them, over and over, her only store of strength.

I am not like them. I do not belong to them. They will not take me. I am not like them.

She managed to fight free of the white-haired female, who snarled and cursed in oily, liquid tones. She tried to run, but the ground was so wet, her feet so tired...

I do not belong to them.

Her ankles, too slim, too perfect to be holding the extra weight of her child -the child the sacred child- collapsed under her and she fell down, down, farther down than she thought possible - until crack, her head and shoulders exploded with pain as flesh hit rock.

They will not...

She could feel her consciousness slipping away, feel the darkness rushing up to meet her. She struggled, but she was so weak, too weak, and the pain...

...take me.


Mender bit his lip, staring down at the elfin woman's fair face, as calm in unconsciousness as it had been terrified in life.

"She won't die," He said, to general relief in the cozy den, "But it may be a while before she wakes up...and short of tying her up, I don't know what we could do so that she doesn't flee again."

"Quite the she-bear." Grumbled Krim, sucking the blood from a scratch on her arm. "Now that you're done with her, healer, maybe you could...?" At her lifemate's expression, she was quick to add "I don't want to get dirt in it, is all."

Mender laughed at her. "What would your friends in the frozen north think of you, Krim? Coming to a healer" He made a face, "For a scratch like that? No, I think not. You can deal with the itch of that healing by itself. Maybe it'll teach you not to be so quick to grab elves so obviously terrified ut of their minds of you."

"She was trying to get away!"

"Which, I'll have you remember, she did anyway." Mender shook his head at the Go-Back and turned back to the woman on the furs.

"I wonder why the sight of us terrified her..." Ember mused from her place by the entrance to the den. "And she was so disgusted by us..."

"Disgusted?" Tier asked, confused.

"Didn't you hear what she was muttering? "I am not like them." How can she hate her own kind so? It's so strange..."

"Everything about her is strange." Mender agreed, then frowned. "Hold on. I was concentrating on her shoulder and head injuries before, but I noticed something...unnatural..."

He approached the woman and laid a gentle hand over her womb, feeding himself into her, feeling her pulse, her blood, her muscles....and the half-formed muscles of the child within her.

He stumbled back, eyes wode with horror. "How...?!"

Ember moved forward to steady him. "Mender! What is it?"

Mender drew a shaky breath, still staring at the woman. "The father of her child....was a human."

Ember nearly fell over herself. "How is that even possible, not to mention desireable? How could..."

"There's more." Interrupted Mender, slowly regaining his composure. "It's not just any human, but the one still living who hates our kind more than any other....Angrif Djun."


Not done yet, don't worry.


Ooh! This is getting better and better! :)
I hope you have more soon!


Ah, the plot thickens...

Is this the case of a human-turned-elf from bad magic? Or has a strange elf miraculously bridged the divide between humankind and elfkind? Will the unborn child survive the ordeal?

Tune in next week. Same elf time. Same elf channel.



Her eyes swept the hills nearby for any sign
of the fragrant flowers that blossomed in the
flood season. Spotting the vibrantly colored
petals swaying in the wind, Toorah clasped her
hands in thanks to the High Ones as she neared
the plant.

The medicine she intended to make was bitter in
flavor, but would keep the village Healer alive
despite the stingtail venom now boiling his blood.

His own magic was not under his control, and
his efforts at self-healing seemed only to
increase his fever. The fear that he would
mistakenly harm himself was pushing her outside
into the early rain.

His Wolfrider mother had sent her plea for
help, but would not leave his bedside.
Toorah understood her anger at the chittenous
beast who had harmed her son...seeing Rainsong
smash it with the rock was understandable, if
perhaps needless. Mender might forgive the
creatures who stung and bit him from time
to time as he investigated his home, but
the older Wolfriders did not take kindly to
such poisonous attacks.

It was to be expected, given their fierce
struggles to survive in times past, Toorah
thought as she harvested the bright blossoms.

The rain was not yet stinging as the winds
were still fairly soft and she sent
that she would soon return, hopefully the cure aquired.

The crushed blooms would help clear his
head, but poor Mender would take much longer
to heal the natural way than if his ability
could do the work. Toorah figured that
once the worst was past, he could again
heal with confidence and perhaps speed
the process. Either way, she knew that
Rainsong would be hovering over her cub
much longer than the light-haired lad
would like.
Magic gone afoul
A mother keeping vigil
Drizzly, dreary rain
Severe illness/injury with long recovery
A rock


Nightsea--I like it v. much, and the image is spectacular! One small thing--Newstar was Mender's sister. Rainsong is their mother :)


Oh yeah....oops...I'll go fix it in the story thanks for catching that.
*smacks forehead*


Ohh I loved both of these! *Curls up in a blankie waiting for the next part with a grin* Please more when you get the chance? And the story about the flowers Nightsea--short, sweet, and too the point. It was delightful even if it was short. A simple moment in time, but still very enjoyable. Perfect!


Jade Owl, that was so intense! I can't wait to see what happens! :D Great job!

Nightsea, I love the way the rain is really falling in your picture! And it's a lovely glimpse into Toorah's personality. A beautiful cameo!

Asinas, yours was very exciting, and heartbreaking, too. Unhappy I felt so sorry for Berryfur! But it seemed like after she went into labor, you switched from writing action, to more of a summary of events. I think it would have worked better if you'd continued the way you began, even if it made it longer. :)

Anyway, it's taken me a while, but here is:


All was not well with Sunstream.

It was the evening after everyone had celebrated Sunstream’s victory over the dark pool of fouled elfin magic that had once been Madcoil. One moment Leetah was sitting on a branch of Father Tree, fondly watching him walking with Shuna, helping her learn the elfin tongue. The next moment Sunstream was on the ground, collapsed as though a great weight bore him down. With a cry Leetah rushed forward, Cutter beside her. Wolfriders gathered around as Shuna, kneeling beside her unconscious adoptive brother, looked up at Leetah and Cutter in confusion. “It-it wasn’t me!” she choked out.

A small part of Leetah’s mind registered her new human daughter’s tendency to fear unjust blame, and set the issue aside to be addressed later. She was already on her knees beside her son, hands on his chest, feeling, feeling deep inside him. . .

He resisted her. *Mother, go away. Leave me alone!* his mind-voice pleaded from deep within his faint-- just as if he were still her little Suntop, and not the newly mature young elf whose new name still sounded strange to her.

Her probing could detect nothing amiss. *Only tell me what is wrong, son!* she sent.

*Nothing,* came his faint response. *Just. . . tired. So tired. . . *

Cutter’s hand was on her shoulder. “What’s the matter with him?!” he asked urgently.

Leetah forced herself to stay calm. “It seems to be simple exhaustion,” she said reassuringly, giving Shuna”˜s hand a quick squeeze as she spoke. “He did say, when he awoke this evening, that he still felt tired. The battle with the dark pool must have taken more out of him than he-- or we-- realized. Let us take him to the Palace. He will recover faster there.”

Cutter nodded curtly, bent and lifted their son in his arms. Preservers darted around him. “Sunnyhead highthing sick? Need wrapstuff?” Petalwing shrilled.

“Not now, bug!” Cutter snapped. Leetah followed him, the others trailing after, as he bore the lad towards the disguised hillock that was the Palace. Fear stabbed her. She had never seen exhaustion as deep as this before.

The hillock opened as they approached it, and Timmain stepped out, beams of light from within falling from behind her onto the grass. Just within stood Savah, concern on her dark, wise face. “We felt the young one fall,” she said simply. “Give him to me.” Her slender hands reached out, and Cutter placed the lad in them. Leetah felt calmer as she followed the Mother of Memory and the High One into the Palace. They would know what should be done, would give Leetah whatever knowledge was required that she lacked. Sunstream was going to be fine.

Savah laid Sunstream on a translucent slab deep within the Palace. His head lolled to one side, eyes still closed. He lay very, very still. Timmain placed a cool, white hand on the lad’s forehead and held it there a moment.

“He has withdrawn deep inside himself,” she said. “When he went into the dark pool, he was already in a weakened state from an uncompleted healing. His body has not been able to recover from all the power that flowed through it from the Palace and its indwellers.”

“But I completed his healing from the shagback injury just after he defeated the dark pool!” Leetah said. “He danced and celebrated with us all. He was completely well!”

The clear, enigmatic eyes focused on her. “He only seemed so, healer,” the High One said. “Sunstream requires a rest more profound than healing and ordinary sleep could give him.”

“Sunnyhead highthing need wrapstuff!” Petalwing declared, landing on the lad’s stomach. Other Preservers settled on his head, his legs, his chest, all chattering excitedly. Timmain held up her hand, and they stopped, waiting expectantly.

“Wrapstuff!” Cutter burst out, striding forward. “You’re not going to put my son in your sticky webs, bugs!”

“It would be best,” Savah said quietly. “Sunstream has reached a breakthrough in his power, but he needs time to absorb all he has learned, to make it part of himself. A Preserver’s cocoon could help him complete all he is meant to become.”

Wrapstuff? A living death, Leetah had once called it. She knew well now that it was not, but-- her son cocooned for who knew how long, sealed away from her touch, her arms?

“But he hasn’t finished growing yet!” Cutter growled.

Timmain smiled. “He will be able to complete his bodily growth while cocooned, due to the Palace’s transforming power.”

Leetah’s mind was whirling. She had let Suntop-- Sunstream-- go once already, had left him at Sorrow’s End, had waited with anxiety as he disappeared deep into the Forevergreen. She had let Ember go, too-- off to be the Wolfrider chieftess she was born to be. Must she let Sunstream go again-- become a mother with no cubs?

She turned and walked away, through the halls and chambers of the Palace, back towards the main opening to the outside. Her lifemate’s anxious sending followed her. *Leetah! Are you all right?*

*Please, Tam, let me be alone a while,* she responded.

There was a pause. Then, *Of course, beloved. We won’t do anything with Sunstream till you’re ready.*

She let gratitude flow to him. *I will not be long, Tam.* Cutter had been in wrapstuff himself for many years, waiting out the slow turn of the wheel until she and the twins returned-- but Leetah knew he still considered it unnatural. He knew how she felt. But Leetah also knew they both had to do what was right for their son. She took a deep breath and stepped out of the Palace into the forest once more.

The clear skies of the previous night had given way to clouds, and now a drizzling rain was falling. Leetah sat on a rock under the shelter of a spreading tree, and gazed at the wetness collecting on the forest floor around her.

My mother and father did it, she thought. They lost Shenshen and me for a mountain’s age. Tam did it. Strongbow and Moonshade let Dart go, and now they have him back again . . .

A tall form was creeping towards her between the rain-soaked trees, stumbling a little in the darkness. Shuna, Leetah realized, had not followed everyone else into the Palace when Sunstream was taken there, but had waited miserably outside. What have I been thinking? Leetah scolded herself. I still have a daughter to care for!

Shuna felt her way towards Leetah. “I-I saw you come out,” she said, speaking the elfin words hesitantly. “Will-- will Sunstream be all right?”

Leetah swallowed the bitter taste in her mouth. “He will be fine,” she said warmly. “But he is going to need to . . . rest. . . a while.” She reached out and took Shuna’s hand, pulling the girl closer. “Shuna, no one is seeking to blame you for things-- least of all things you had nothing to do with. Do you understand?”

Shuna’s form in the shadows was very still. “Yes, Elf Mother,” she whispered.

Leetah squeezed the hand she held. “I will help you believe this, help you trust,” she said, keeping her words as simple as she could. “I will help you learn to be free of the unhealthy things you have learned. But for now--” She paused, then confessed, “If Sunstream’s hurt is anyone’s fault, it is my own. He tried to do something very difficult-- and he was already weary inside his body, because I had not fully healed him from what the shagback had done to him.”

Shuna shook her head emphatically. “No, Elf Mother. Sunstream told me. He did a good thing-- and he said it was because of you that he did it. He was glad for what you did.”

Leetah gazed at the girl. “Do you understand what happened--what it was that Sunstream accomplished?” If so, Shuna had learned elf language and ways faster than she would have thought possible.

But the girl shook her head again-- sheepishly this time. “Only a little. Perhaps I will know more, later.” She paused as if searching for an unknown word. “You must not. . . worry? Worry. You must not worry, Elf Mother. Sunstream said you did what was best for him.”

Impulsively Leetah drew her human daughter to herself and hugged her. “Thank you, Shuna. You have helped me see more clearly, what must be done now.”

Shuna’s eyes widened. “I-- helped you?”

“Of course.” Leetah smiled. “I must go back into the Palace now. Do you want to come?”

Shuna shivered. “No, thank you, Elf Mother.”

Shuna did not like the Palace. Leetah understood, and squeezed her hand comfortingly before returning to where her lifemate stood with Timmain and Savah over Sunstream’s still form. The others had all left-- disappeared into different areas of the Palace, or returned to the forest while she was talking to Shuna. The Preservers had remained, though-- all of them, perched throughout the room, waiting.

Leetah smiled at Cutter. “I am ready, lifemate,” she said. “Have you sent to Sunstream?”

“Uh-huh.” Cutter nodded. “He agrees that wrapstuff is what he needs now.”

Timmain nodded quietly. “You have all chosen wisely.” She gestured at Sunstream. “His outer clothing should be removed, so that his body may grow as it should.”

“Right,” Cutter said. As Timmain and Savah lifted Sunstream’s body between them, Leetah and Cutter pulled off Sunstream’s boots, leggings and tunic. Then Cutter looked up to where Petalwing perched over his head. “Preservers! Make wrapstuff!”

Savah and Timmain continued to hold Sunstream while Preservers darted and swooped all around him. Leetah brushed her hand across Sunstream’s cheek as the webbing began to cover his face. And then it was gone. Her son was a white-wrapped, elf-shaped cocoon.

Cutter took Leetah’s hand. “Let’s go, Leetah.”

She shook her head. “I will watch over him a while, beloved.”

He nuzzled her. “Take as long as you want.”

Savah and Timmain nodded to one another, lowering the cocoon, and left her. Leetah, alone with the Preservers, sat beside the cocoon and sent to Sunstream. *Son?*

*Mother.* His mind-voice was warm, but sounded tired and a long way off. *I am well.*

*I did not mean for it to be that you faced the pool of befouled magic while you were still weak.*

His mental chuckle vibrated through her mind. *It was my choice, Mother-- my quest. Stopping the magic was how I learned what you were trying to teach me. And you were right.* He paused. *Mother, this is right too. Maybe it happened a little sooner than I expected-- but I always thought I might eventually need to be “stillquiet in wrapstuff,” as the Preservers call it, for a while. . .*

*I will watch over you, son,* she told him. *I and the Preservers, until you are ready to come out.*

He laughed again within her thoughts. *Of course you will. Mother, I love you.*

*And I love you.* Leetah wiped away a tear. As she felt her son drift off into dreams, she sat beside him, looking down on him in love and acceptance.

And all was well.



That's beautifull, as always, Krwordgazer :D


Oh! :wave:

Me like!


Okay... trying myself...

She was lying beneath the great rock, her tiny body almost crushed be its weight but when Shuna grapped the little girl's hand she was relived to know that there was still a frail pulse. But for how long?
-Elf mother! Where are you? What could she do? Her first impulse was to run for help but she feared that it could be too late before she could get help.
Poor Strongbow and Moonshade, were they going to lose another child just as they had lost their oldest daughter.
-ELF MOTHER! the cry came unexpected. Leaving her gasping after air.

"You called! Oh High Ones!"
To Shuna's surprise her elf mother Leetah suddenly stood beside her.
"I... called? How?"
"You must've sent! We need to get this rock away! Or my healing will be in vain!"
They tried, without succes, to push the rock away. Then Shuna got an idea.
"Why don't you call Ahdri? She's a rock-shaper!"
"Oh my daughter! You are a miracle! And... I better call Moonshade and Strongbow too! After all, it's their daughter"

Leetah called and shortly after the three darted towards them, Ahdri sitting behind Moonshade.
"Oh no..." That was all Strongbow needed to say.
"She's still alive! Ahdri! You need to shape the rock so we can get her out"
Ahdri kneeled down beside the terrible rock and started woth her magic. Oh how long? How long before the rock would be gone?
"My magic! It's too slow! I don't know what's happening!"
"Shape it away around her body! Then we can pull her out! It's much quicker!"
Ahdri did as Shuna had suggested and soon after the little girl was lying on the ground in front of them. Leetah sat down and started the healing while the others stood in a small circle around her, Moonshade and Strongbow holding each other closely.

"I've healed the injuries in her back! I'm sure she'll be driving you mad again tomorrow! Now she needs rest!"
Leetah handed the little girl to Moonshade and Shuna saw the couple walk with their young daughter towards their den to watch over her while she rested.


Oh! Kgazer, redhead, those were beautiful! And Asinas, I'm glad you're back! I'll try to read your tale soon. Jade Owl, that was...rather wrong on several levels...MORE!!

I'll have a bit up in a while. I hope.


So this is probably my shortest submission--ever. It's not canon, but it's a thought. The magic gone afoul was Willowgreen's treachery. Hopefully you'll be able to find the others. :)

TwoSpear hung his head and sighed. His tribe had... changed. It was all Willowgreen’s fault. He had exiled her”“and she’d gone, and not alone. Willowgreen’s small daughter, Savah, and a few others. The tribe’s rockshaper had gone with them as well. Surprisingly, Graywolf had not gone with his lifemate and child. But even with Graywolf still present, the tribe had changed”“the instincts that had guided them through seasons”“the “now of wolf thought was gone” for all but him.

He heard the muffled cries of another and groaned. If Willowgreen had not left, she would be here to heal the child. Instead, the child burned with fever and writhed in pain, and her mother sat watching over the child. The mother would neither eat nor speak, and TwoSpear feared that the tribe would lose not just the child, but her mother also.

The sound of water brushing rock caused him to look up. A breeze floated into the cave, giving him a chill. Rain”“the sort of light rain that caused everything to become wet, signaled the end of summer and the coming of the White Cold. What will be come of us?



Nightsea, I love the way the rain is really falling in your picture!

Thanks. I'd like to challenge more folks to try the art portion of
these themes too. Aside from the howling wolf rock image
of Tymber's (which is very nice) mine is the only art!

Maybe next month more pics?


The only successful 'art' I've ever done is a few flowers here and there, but I like my flowers. (I do much better writing then I do drawing, so I'm happy with that.) Though, I do enjoy what the artistic types come out with!

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Well THIS is late.

Conclusion coming soon, I promise.

Angrif cupped Nara's elfin, delicate chin, running his thumb along the side of her cheek. She stared upwards into his eyes, shivering with adoration.

"Nara..." He breathed. "You beautiful, special girl. Chosen." He smiled down at her. "Do you know why you were chosen?"

Nara blushed and gestured wordlessly to her ears, hideous and pointed as they were.

Angrif's smile took on an edge like a sword's. "Yes. For your deformities. For your filthy race, your disgusting, beast-blood." He slapped her across the face, hard, and turned away, stalking up the steps of his throne.

Nara's shivering turned to trembling. She couldn't let him see how hurt she was. She needed to be strong. She needed to be strong enough to be Chosen.

Without looking back, Agrif asked again. "Do you know what your purpose is?"

Nara nodded, and then cursed herself for a fool and spoke hesitantly, her mouth forming the unnatural words with the ease that comes of a lifetime of speaking them. "Yes, m'Lord. To bear the Child, m'Lord." She allowed herself a flash of pride. "Your Child. To be vessel for...for..." She trailed off, and lifted her eyes to the alcove above the throne. She'd never been able to bring herself to speak that honored name...

She would be beaten, she was sure, for not finishing her sentence. But her heart eased as she saw that Angrif, too, was staring up at that beautifully carved figure, a woman set in stone that could never truly hold her. Small and pale and proud, she was, but she towered over the throne, arms outstretched, beckoning to strange, unnatural creatures, which crowded by her feet, looking up at her with complete and utter worship in their shining eyes.

"Yes. To be vessel for Lady Venovel...treacherous, brilliant snake that she is...she can help me end that point-eared brat and her tribe. Yes...she'll help me. And you, Nara, will be the vessel for her elfin magic...your blood and my flesh."

He raised his arms in unconscious echo of the statue above him. Nara, blanketed in his shadow, lifted her face and smiled.

Mender withdrew, and cupped his face in his hands. Weariness carved deep lines in his face as he grimaced at what he'd seen. It wasn't enough, though. It wasn't enough to tell him how to fix it.

He sighed, and for the third time that night, let his consciousness sink into the strange elf.