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Nightsea's Characters


Name: Nightsea


Link to Images: http://elvenholt.twilightlegend.net/f11-nightsea

Birth-tribe: sea elf, but joins star fleet in a mirror universe later

Bond-Animal: Moonfisher, a bottlenose dolphin (he can send).

Appearance: auburn/brown hair, super long with a widow's peak,
high ponytail (like a Chief's topnot in style) or worn straight down
she's tall with blue eyes and arched eyebrows

Attire: blue mini skirt with yellow sash,
blue sleeveless halterish top w/yellow edge,
thigh high black high heel boots,
phaser or sword optional
See uniform "A" (but make it blue): http://www.draconic.ndo.co.uk/issghidorah/uniforms.htm
But, keep her in blue and you can make any outfit work.
Prefers two-piece (bare midriff) style.
sea or space influences welcome

Background http://www.draconic.ndo.co.uk/issghidorah/crew05p.htm Also see fanfics.

Personality: She's afraid of space, but hides it well.
She is nocturnal. See background above for more.

Role: Island young elf (past)
Lt. on board the Ghidorah Star Fleet ship (current)

Skills: minor healing, sending

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=9121#9121

Name: Pearlshade

Link to Images: http://elvenholt.twilightlegend.net/f11-nightsea

Birth-tribe: sea elf, mermaid with grey dolphin tail

Appearance: Very long pony tail, very straight, very light yellow hair
medium grey eyes, normal elfquest ears, long thin fingers (unwebbed),
smaller breasts

Attire: one necklace with 3 grey/black pearls on a string.
pearls form a V shape strung together with large center pearl at the bottom point of the V, the two matched smaller pearls on either "top" of the V are connected by a string to each other straight across as well
(upsidedown triangle with pearls at points)

If you prefer a modest look, give her clothing of any sort, but she will only wear it while you're looking Wink

Seashells, seaweed, fish...anything underwater might wind up with her.
trident or long spear optional

Role: Loner mermaid

Skills: sends

Personality: she's ancient like Savah and kinda on the tranquil side
most of the time. Her eyes have that "I know" look.

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8928#8928

Name: Vytha

Link to Images:

Birth-tribe: Blue Mountain (alternaverse)
Parents: Voll + Winnowill
Age: still young...early 20s

Appearance: Winnowill style long white hair
(use pink or lavender instead of grey to highlight),
red eyes (albino), pale skin, thinish

Attire: Blue Mountain colors (white, grey, black, blue, purple, red)
Dresses mostly...but you can be creative
(can change the colors too if you so desire)
Etc.: Feathers, spiderwebs, egg patterns, bats,
jewelery in silver (sometimes large black lacey earrings)...have fun!

Role: Questing

Skills: Dream feeding, sending

Personality: she's been raised by Winnie, but wants to be sweet and free

Background: born with a weak heart muscle, she faints and is generally
frailish and weak of body, but indomitable in spirit

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=369899#369899

Name: Wavecatcher


Link to Images: http://eda.of-the-night.com/wavecatcher.html

Birth-tribe: island/sea elf (land)

Appearance: black hair (side part, curled in toward face, above shoulder length),
dark blue eyes, tan skin (think Hawaiian)
Attire: sea shades + black (anything aquatic themed)

Skills: Water/weather talent

Personality: Intense + stubborn. Slightly arrogant, but with actual compasion
Background: He grows up on an island and helps the tribe with
his skills to avoid stormy seas and tropical weather disasters, so he gets
sorta full of himself and his role. But he really does care about others
and he'll be the first to tell you so. Once Nightsea knocks him down a
peg thru recognition, he mellows out nicely.

Links to Fanfics: http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=366512#366512



Wavecatcher's garb has never been completely set. I like

the black or dark blue speedos, but all the rest is subject to change

as far as his outfits go.

He is holding a lobster in the one of the newest dolls on the regular Scroll,

bringing it to that party on the Island.

Green seaweed wraps show up on him all over the place, and his

black swim fins and metal tools pop up now and then.

Basically anyone is free to create with him for now...just keep his

body the same: skintone= Hawaii tan, hair curled in toward the face which doesn't reach his shoulders usually (but could when wet), dark blue narrow eyes which look serious most of the time).

See his character descripton above and have fun if you decide to doll him.

Same goes for Sea Nightsea...her outfits have leeway and room for you to



Below is something I wrote for the Shadow Vale Holt fanzine.
The Softfeather Fanfic I began ages ago and never finished:

Softfeather sat patiently in the dusky light filtering into the calm aerie. Most of
the bond birds and tribe were sleeping, and the world was still in the pale dawn. The
shadows were long as his hands curled the leather strips around the thin twigs he was holding.

The trap would need to be strong enough to hold a cave mouse, but not as strong as for
a tree-wee, whose agile hands might untie such knots. Big enough for the bird to turn in,
with bars close together so the head wouldn't be able to escape. Last time he had an
eagle in a cage, the bird had worked its head between the bending twigs far enough
to get caught and choke. He wanted this bird to avoid such a fate. He wouldn't
want to cause it any more injury. Thus he had chosen very hard sticks.

He had noticed the wounded eagle on the hillside not long ago, and knew that if
he could capture it, he could ask the healers for aide, or bind the wing into a sling himself.

Wondering how the eagle had broken its wing, he continued his task silently.

He would soon need it to be finished if he was to place it outside before
the other elves were about. Nightbringer didn't like elves to leave the
mountain, and the last thing he needed was to be on her bad side.

Finishing the little "door" on the cage which he would use to release the
bird, Softfeather smiled thinking that doors came in many forms.
Hopefully, he wouldn't be setting the bird's spirit free, but rather
fixing its body to once again soar high.

Lifting himself and his new made creation off the cavern floor, he moved
softly to the entrance in the wall above. His big feet covered in the softest
white boots, he made little enough noise. The roosting giant hawks in the
cavern continued to doze on their nests in peace as he passed.

Outside, the world seemed colder and fresher as he descended the peek of the
mountain. He crossed a hidden path to ascend the next crest, and began to
whistle snatches of birdsong as he traveled. It felt good to be outdoors.

As he moved, so did the sun over the horizon. Soon it was peeking at him
with golden rays, and his own "song" was joined by a chorus of twittering
bird sounds drifting up from the forest below.
Pausing to listen, he pictured the birds which made the noises, identifying them all.

Continuing, his feet now found it harder to find purchase amid the crags and crannies
of the rock face he ascended. Shifting the cage onto his back and knotting the
strap around his neck, he began to lift himself with his muscular arms as well.

"Eagles always nest so very high!" he thought to himself.

Finally, just below the nest where he had first glimpsed the eagle, he
secured the little cage to a sapling growing up from the cliff. Putting
the dead mouse inside as bait, he carefully loaded the little trap to
fall shut when it was jostled. He hoped the eagle enjoyed the mouse,
as it had been hard to find a dead one in the cave last night. He
wouldn't have brought a live one, and killing one for this was hard
for his soft heart. Luckily he had found this one asleep forever
in its nest after his duties with the birds allowed him time to look.
Seeing the eagle not so far away he hurried to get away from the trap.
He knew eagles were proud hunters and that this one would not feed
while he was nearby. Its wing dangling pitifully, the bird obviously
was going hungry.

"Take the bait, little friend," he whispered as he climbed down.

Happy in his task, he had not noticed the full blossom of daylight.
Now, he crossed onto his own mountain again in haste. If the
birds were up, they might alert their riders of his absence!
And if they knew...so would she.

Forgetting to be cautious, he scrambled up without watching where
he tread. He cried out in pain as he stepped sideways between
boulders and caught his ankle in a crack. Sitting suddenly,
his always expressive eyes shed tears as he held the injured
foot in his hands.

"Oh beaks and claws! I've done it now. Gone out to help
the lame and become lame myself!" Gloomily he removed
his boot to look. Feeling the bruised flesh, he exhaled
in relief when he determined that it was not broken.
It would be sore for a while, but he might be able to
hide that if he walked as little as possible for the
next eight of days.

Just as he was thinking all this, a shadow covered his
sweating brow. He didn't need to look up as the draft
from the giant wings tugged at his black hair. One
of the hawks was out flying and if it held a rider,
he was in trouble. Bracing himself for the send or
shout of reprimand that was sure to come, he winced.

Hearing none, he ventured to shade his eyes and look
skyward. There, outlined now against the sun, was
the form aloft...wings spread full, and praise the High Ones, no rider!

Slipping his swollen foot back into the boot was
painful, but he did it fast.
To Be Continued... (or actually not really)

images of Softfeather:

Heromachine base, in greyscale.

Torso from Bunnystick, I think.

pencil on paper, with computer text (horribly done by me!)
New batch:

tektek dreammaker base

eloui candybar base

Character description physical:
black hair and eyes
well built/developed extra large torso (chest, arms & shoulders are more
muscular than most EQ male elves)
slender waist
tall, like other gliders (yet he cannot fly)

Wears: black velvet pants
white fur boots
feather/silver ornaments (optional)
sash or belt of "Eggkeeper".... this item is a long white velvet cloth
that has two sending stars and an egg in center. It can be worn across
the torso as a sash, used as a belt or dangled from the pants in the front.
He has many of these and some have two eggs and one star instead.

Eggkeeper is a title in this Blue Mnt. alternaverse, meaning he is the
non-gliding elf who looks after the giant birds and their eggs.

He has minor firestarting talent. Personality is calm and easygoing,
gentle and quiet. He stays to himself as much as possible, and loves
animals. He can mimic birdsong and knows birds and their habits well.



Maybe you like it nevertheless *shrug*

Nightsea as a High One

(part of an EDA series)

Edit: Vytha Pearlshade


She looks so beautifull!!Heart