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March Grab Bag 2011


All works must be related to Elfquest, whether canon-based, original character, alternate universe, or whatever. Writings must contain all the above elements. Art can either contain all the elements, or illustrate one of the writings.

Here are the Elements


A Box

First Day of Spring




Like a Jack-in-the-box

jumps from his box,

so does the stories

leap from our minds

when we share the Howl,

in the first day of spring.

(Yeah... the Howl is totally equal to storytelling!)


Like it!!


Sooo...how does this work?

Use all the above elements and post them...here?


Nice poem RedheadEmber.


Sooo...how does this work?

Use all the above elements and post them...here?

You can make a story with all the elements and post them here. You can also make artwork for your own story or to others.


Have I ever told you the story about me leaping with joy when my EQ-RPG-box arrived the first day of spring 1985? Grin


Redhead: Lovely poem. It rings very true to the Wolfriders.

Storm: No, you haven't. Care to share it? Grin

Sailor: It is also possible to make a one-liner if you're completely stuck.



It is also possible to make a one-liner if you're completely stuck.

It's not that hard...


I think this is right...slightly AU, uses main characters, but the setting is different...



It was on the First Day of NewGreen, what the Humans call 'Spring', that this most sacred of traditions was upheld.

Elves of all denominations, tribes and origins intermingled, having made the journey to the Meeting Place during the last ebb of the Season of White-Cold, for this was a most important time.

Several cubs were of an age...it was time...

Many stretched upon the leaf-strewn ground below, those familiar with this Holt curled within hollows of trees, cubs just lay where they fell, completely exhausted from the day's traveling.

...Not to mention the subsequent rejoiceful meetings and ridiculously energetic games that had filled the golden afternoon, as they met other cubs from great distances past, becoming close instantly...

Several others were...otherwise occupied...having Recognized upon meeting this day, as it was every year...but still it was an exciting time, especially for the cubs, who only knew enought to know that their ranks would swell again two turns of the seasons from now.

Great amounts of cooing, babbling and nonsense-speak resulted from all those who saw the new infants, born these last few seasons; the elder elves sat about and exchanged news, complaints and anything other, relevant or no.

It was as it should be.

A Great Family Reunion!


After the last hours of sunlight had slipped from the sky, elves stirred and cubs were roused from their sleep, some too excited to stay still ong enought for their parents to properly attire them...so many adults were seen chasing half-naked children hither and fro.

Snorting into his cupped hand, Skywise turned to Cutter, finding it impossible to verbalise the thoughts within his mind, he merely burst out laughing and sent all within their tree-hollow a very ...unique memory.

It was of the time he, Skywise, had been in charge of a certain chief-to-be and that certain cub was being rather rebellious...refusing to stand still long enough for his exasperated 'older brother' to fully clothe him after bathing...

And so had run past a startled encampment of humans wearing nothing but his skin!

*He was lucky to walk away wearing it too...*

The Stargazer sent, Leetah smiled in modest amusement, -but unfortunately for Cutter-, Ember rolled upon the ground, clutching her stomach and shrieking with laughter beside her twin, who mirrored her actions in a more modest fashion.

Shooting his soul-brother a look that could have set stone afire, the Chieften of Wolfriders gave Skywise a smack over the head, and pushed him off the sleep-furs!

Giving a spiteful glare, from his undignified location, the star-maned Wolfrider sent them all into gales of laughter, anew...

Leetah finally took pity on her other Lifemate and offered him her hand, carefully testing his weight against her own, slightly over-balanced form, she pulled!

Only to tumble down into his arms, laughing!

Cutter gazed down at the pair and shook his head, silently offering both a hand, Skywise leapt upright immediately, then assisted Leetah to her feet; strangely she laughed at the concern on his face.

"Oh, Beloved, they are fine!" she said, placing a hand to her rounded stomach, rubbing gently and smiling.

Ember had righted herself long enough to dash outside and return, breathless but excited, announcing it was to begin very shortly, Chitter near full-grown cubling appeared in the doorway, and the pair ran off shrieking wildly into the night.

SunT- uh, SunStream, as he had been re-named by his father, moved over to his mother, a faint smile on his lips as he touched the bulge that hid his future siblings from view.

He gasped, eyes wide in surprise, Leetah laughed and patted his hand, "Your magic feeling, Kitling?" she asked, he nodded in surprise. She smiled secretively and left with her eldest son, leaving behind a stunned Cutter and Skywise.

They hastily ran after her...


A Howl was called for, and a storytelling there would be!

Pike gathered the many Elves about him, a great fire sparking up in their midst, cubs dancing and howling a little off-key in excitement.

Regaling them with tales of the Great and Mighty Bearclaw, the Sweet, logical but fierce Joyleaf...Sorrow for the loss of beautiful Crucent...the Tale of the Great Crossing and the Siege of Blue Mountain...

A Hundred Tales and one...it was most exciting, even to those who had heard them hundreds of times before...

As Cutter, Skywise, Leetah and SunStream -hastily re-joined by a flushed Ember- entered, Pike's voice was cut-off and all tilted back their heads to howl a welcoming. Even those who were not of the wolfriders had learned upon a time ago to howl, or at least sing in key to the blood-song that pounded in elven veins...

As was the case with the WaveDancers, who lounged within the nearby pool, an offshoot of an inland river that lead directly from their sea-home to this Holt. Part of the reason this place had been chosen was for it's accessibility to all the different forms of Elves.

A wise choice...


Chitter sat at her parent's feet, her mother, Moonshade, absently combing her long red hair with the delicate fingers of a tanner, coaxing out any tangles, brambles and twigs that may have found their way in when she and Ember had gone off together.

Strong and Silent, Strongbow allowed a smile to light his features as he gazed at his youngest daughter, she held all the fiery defience and life of Crucent, and yet was so different...his eldest son sat across from him, his youngest son in his lap.

Dart bounced TrueAim upon his knee, the dark-haired child chirruping quietly in pure joy...

Dewshine, Tyleet and Scouter were running after a certain way-ward pair...their youngest, Lightheart and River, the girls not making it easy on any of them!

Strangely enough, Windkin and Pool had made themselves scarce, and sat busily laughing like fools in a nearby tree-top...not even thinking past the Now.

For if they had, they would have realised the telling off that was coming their way would be legendary!


Clearbrook was talking to a large grouping of newer elves, from a distant snow-tribe they had discovered through the Palace; likewise, Treestump was being regaled with tales of bravery by the youths of the Grass-Plains Elves from far, far East...

Aroree glided above, carrying many armfuls of cubs on their first flights...delighting in their joy; Rayek was, as ever, by Timmain's side, Venka running after his grandchild, Astara -while Windkin stirred and tried to flank the cub in by gliding at his daughter from side-on.

A short bark of laughter could be heard from the desert-born magic-user as the child was caught by her father, rolling in the dust in fake battle...of which Winkin was 'losing' to Astara...

Many similar sights filled the camp, hundreds of elves filled the area, and water; eventaully all settled, Cutter and Leetah settled themselves on a throne that RedLance had fashioned half-way up a broad, living tree for them.

Taking a second to drag the way-ward Stargazer up with them...

SunStream and Ember stood attentively at their feet, well, more of at their waist, the throne wasn't that high up...

"It is time," Cutter decreed, smiling, Leetah spoke then "For the cubs to know of their destinies..."

None toogently, the Stargazer was nudged into saying his piece, which he had mostly fogetten, but thanks to the pain it was coming back...

"Uh, *ahem* Long have we gazed into the Scroll of Colours, scrying each of your destinies, and it has been determined!" He gave a side-long, 'satisfied?' look at Cutter, who grinned mischeviously and leapt from the seat with fluid grace.

"Let those who are called come forth and embrace their future!" he called, and a trail of about twelve cubs stepped forth.

Chitter, Astara, TrueAim, Lightheart and River from the Wolfrider/Desert-folk, and Ahut, Dios and Malk from the Go-Backs, flanked by two Plains-children, Uhlah and Sharah, and a child from each the WaveDancers [Coral] and Snow-Tribe [Venat].

Leetah leapt down into her Lifemate's arms, to stand beside the pair -for Skywise had landed to her right- and called the female cubs forwards first,

Chitter, Astara, Lightheart, River, Dios, Uhlah, Sharah and Coral stood forth, some wriggling with excitement and others twitching nervously.

"To you all, great fortunes have been afforded, come forth child of the Go-Backs," she called, as Dios moved forwards, Leetah placed a box in her hands, opened to reveal a bear-tooth necklace. "You have been chosen as a Hunter, a warrior of your people!"

There was great applause and hooting from the Go-Backs...

"The Children of the Plains, come forth," Uhlah and Sharah paced nervously forwards, a box was given to both of them, "To Uhlah, the gift of weaving has been given," the child pulled out an ornately woven headband, "and to Sharah, the gift of brightmetal work!"

There was a surprised murmuring as the child pulled out a pair of ornately carved metal gauntlets...never before had a female-cub of the Plains-Tribe received such a destiny!

"Coral, Daughter of the water, my heart and my Child, come forth!"

Sunstream felt his heart swell as his daughter stepped forth, a twinge within screamed with sorrow that he wished her mother could be here...but was overwhelmed by pride as his mother proclaimed,

"You have the hands and heart of a Healer, your destiny is great!"

The child opened her box to reveal a pendant, the jewel within glowed with fierce pink intensity, luminescent in the night.

"For the twins, Lightheart and River, a destiny of unity is yours..." Leetah stated cryptically, Skywise and Cutter handing them each a gift and fondly remembering their Destainy Night...They both contained an identical bracelet with the sigil of flame...

"Yours is the craft of Fire! Shape it well..."

"Astara, child of the Desert, come forth," the child did so, eyeing the box in her hands with sceptical yellow eyes... "Child of Magic, yours is a great power, that of flight, and your keen eyes give you the destiny of Scout and Tracker!"

Wolfriders holwed, Savah, Rayek, Mender and Venka clapped in joy as the child turned ecstatic eyes on them, hovering a few inches off the ground to the amusement of those around her...as she beheld the circlet of pure brightmetal etched with mountains, forests and stars...

"And to Chitter, child of the bow...you are a Far-Sender, power of mind rivalling that of your father, and this is rightfully yours." She handed over a box...and two ornately marked gauntlets of finest leather, heart bursting, she opened the box to reveal...her father's Destiny Night Necklace!

A silver dagger crossed with a brightmetal bow...

Turning, she ignored protocol and hugged her parents fiercely...to the joy and tears of those around her.


Next the boys were summoned.

TrueAim, Ahut, Malk and Venat stood biting lips and quivering in excitement...

"Children of the Mountains, your destinies have been thought out greatly," she paused as they were passed their boxes, "Ahut, Child of Stone, you will wield it as weapon and shelter, use it well!"

His was a piece of polished stone set upon a leather thong, not unlike the lodestone...

The Go-Backs faltered for a second, unsure how to deal with the idea of a magic-user, then shrugged and cheered like wild creatures...

"To Malk, the gift of fiery determination and strategy has been given, as well as the gift of Healing. Yours is a Great Destiny, be wise."

His pendant glowed deep green, and at this, the Go-Backs errupted even harder, a leader and a Healer?

Things were looking up for the warrior-elves of the mountains...

"Son of the Snow, come to me..." she gestured at the surprised looking child, who tentatively took the box from Skywise, opening it to reveal a ring, set with blue precious stones in a wave pattern, "Yours is the gift of Water-shaping...this includes snow, fear not child" She whispered reassuringly to him as the Snow-Elves broke into confused, but excited applause...

"And finally, to TrueAim, son of Warriors...yours is a truly amazing aptitude for the Bow...Wonder where he got that?" She asked coyly, giving a wink to Strongbow and Moonshade, causing those around to burst into gales of laughter...

"But yours is also the gift of Beauty, you will be a great Tanner, rivalling and someday surpassing the leathers of your mother...Can I order a new dress now? Or must I wait in line?" she jested at the excited child.

TrueAim laughed, opening his box to reveal beautiful leather gauntlets as his sister had received, but also his mother's Destiny Night Necklace!

A leather band with ornate carving and a single stone hanging from the front...

He ran to them for an embrace, Dart getting squeezed within an inch of his life in the process, for being too close to a happy cub...initially it had been he who would to gift the child with his own necklace, but Leetah had insisted he save it for his daughter when she turned of age.

Starlight sat upon her mother's shoulders, gazing upwards, and he smiled, catching Aroree's eye, who was smiling at the strange fascination of her cub...


"The Destiny Night is complete," Leetah announced, Cutter carrying on with, "Now you just have to live up to them!"

He bellowed with laughter, swiftly followed by most of the other adults around, before being harshly rammed in the ribs by Skywise -who had been eager for a little revenge- and found his action warranted and indeed encouraged by Leetah...

They smiled, it was time for the feasting and dancing...


Go-Backs howled and leapt about the fire to a furious rhythm, Snow-Elves sang out in high, clear, beautiful voices; Aroree glided about and 'danced' with her daughter, Starlight.

Plains-Elves cooked strange delicacies with the meat Cutter and the Wolfriders had caught earlier, some carefully measuring everyone for size and slipping new garments on friends, new and old.

All the cubs were newly-garbed and were in ecstasy!

Tonight was theirs, the younger cubs catching the excitement of their forebears like a contagious disease, it was utterly and delightfully infectious!

Leetah watched them from where she sat upon a luxurious set of furs, draped upon the ground for her and her lifemates...Ember had gone off again, probably with Chitter, and Sunstream was listening to probably the two-hundredth re-telling of how Coral got her destiny and admiring the glowing pendant.

So like his own yellow one...

She smiled, then felt something stir...it may have just been the music but she could have sworn she felt the cubs...leaping in there!

And then she knew, not as a healer, as a mother, she just knew and called for her lifemates..."Skywise! Cutter!"


Back in their tree-home, high in the air, she paced and was constantly reassured by the other two, locksending to take what they could.

ShenShen was summoned...


As dawn began to break into the world, a wailing cry was taken up, piercing and loud proclaiming great joy to those gathered and a cheer went up...

A few moments later, Skywise stepped through the entrance and onto a large branch, tiny bundle held in strong, moonlight pale arms.

There was an excited buzz...what was it to be? Boy? Girl?

Then Cutter stepped out on the brach behind him, carrying another bundle...

Several Elves fainted...


A gruff, seldom heard voice split the expectant air, "Well?"

Skywise's eyes went wide with surprise when Strongbow and he looked like he would've fallen out of the tree, but re-gained control and righted himself.

He smiled, prideful beam near blinding the first few rows of elves!

Skywise gently moved the bundle in his arms, carefully he unwrapped the child's bindings to show off the pale, beautiful face of his daughter, her hair was as pale as his, though her skin a little darker.

Gasps of delight rippled through those gathered, exclaimations at her beauty also heard; Cutter stepped forwards and unwrapped his budle, displaying the pale red-topped head of their new son.

Skin as his sister's, that strange pale tan...he was beautiful, then he yawned. Skywise's heart nearly burst with joy as the tiny creature in his soul-brother's arms stretched a tiny arm out and waved the tiny fist, brilliant blue eyes opening on this world for only the second time.

His twin opened her eyes also, green as a forest and beautiful like nothing else he had ever seen...

Then he realised everyone was waiting, and cleared his throat.

"Leetah, Cutter and I have decided -after quite a lot of deliberation...you would call it arguing...- that they should be named..." he paused, watching as everyone strained forwards to hear the proclaimation.

"Our children shall be named, Joystar, in honour of our last Chieftess and her own beauty, and out son, FireHeart, for his rousing war-cry!" he called, to great applause.

Someone commented on the child's lung capacity, and their current headache, and he grinned, calling back, "Great! A volunteer for cub-sitting duty!"

There was laughter, and then he turned back into the tree, Cutter following with FireHeart in his arms.

ShenShen ran a dark finger down each infant's face before patting Leetah's hand one more time, smiling softly at them all and leaving.


The pair placed the children back in Leetah's arms, sitting upon the furs and leaning in to hold their Lifemate, she smiled, tired but exultant.

The three gazed down at their new cubs as tiny limbs wriggled and grabbed for their fingers, which were swiftly given, Leetah sent to the pair of them as tears of joy cascaded down her face...

*Oh, Fahr, Tam...look at what we've made...*

And no other words were needed...


Nice Sailor.


Great story Sailor. I like the characters you've made. Espacially the newborn twins. Thumbs_up


I agree with bith G0lden and Cleopatra! I love this story, good job!




Silently, they dropped stones into the hollow shaft.

“We’ll howl for him later,” Briar asserted. The stones chafed and chilled her fingers as they filled the dead tree trunk, obscuring the tattered cloak in which Bracken’s hunched corpse was bound. She almost envied him the cloak.

“Should be enough,” suggested Balm. He allowed Echo to leap up on his shoulders and drop the last stone. It occurred to him, the Howl would not be the same without Bracken’s songs and stroytelling.

“Back inside,” urged Briar. Echo clung to Balm as he hustled her in the direction of the vacant dens. It was a clear night, but the wind was shifting.

First day of spring, there would be options. They could build a pyre. Or they could find some way for the three of them to move the stone covering the natural cavity that had served as a crypt for the dwindling tribe. The earth was a stone box whose lid was too heavy.

Above ground, only the songs, the memories and the artifacts remained to comfort three shivering tribemates. With the bonded hunters dead, even the wolf pack was beginning to move on.

The business of death had concluded for the day. Life, for now, was the priority. That meant shelter, warmth and food.

Balm stood erect and sniffed the air as Briar and Echo slipped inside one of the vacant dens. The late Chief Quickbow’s den was large, and not the warmest, but strategically, it was the safest. High in the heart of the holt, it now held all of the furs, fuel and food stores they had scrounged from the other dens.

Balm climbed inside and drew the hide curtains shut. Echo shivered as Balm and Briar arranged slabs of bark to seal out the wind. She imagined the voices of dead elders whispering in the tree branches.

“Bedtime,” announced Briar. This was the cue for the three of them to huddle together in the furs, with Echo between them clutching a soft toy.

As the two females slept, Balm’s slender fingers pressed their shoulders gently. He reassured himself they were sound and healthy. The prospect of being left alone was more than he could bear.

Bored and weary, Balm thought about the future of the tribe. He was almost certain Briar was his sister, and so had never desired her. Echo, of course, was out of the question. Somewhere there had to be others. There had to be.

**Sleep,** sent Briar, firmly.

Balm realized he had been turning restlessly. He settled down and focused on the last warm day he could remember. Even in the “now,” memories were precious. They had to be saved, and someday sent to Echo. They had to be shared with others of their kind.

Outside, the icy wind howled for Bracken, and for a dying tribe.


Nicely done Trollbabe


Very well done, both Sailor and Trollbabe! Love it!


I may expand upon this in my personal fanfiction thread, with editing. There is at least one typo.


Thank you so much, everyone, it means a lot!^^


Nice to see you join the monthly group, Sailor! Well written, and imaginative. Only got through about half of it so far but its good so far. Kept me guessing who the various young were, as well as the timeframe it played out in. Also made me think of something (refering to the part where the young ran passed the humans)... What about an AU where the humans and Trolls are reversed... Humans always having revered the Elves except for a few pockets here and there, and the Trolls being responsible for the Elve having to abandon their homes...etc etc etc... Maybe Ill have to write that one someday when I catch up on everything else, if Im not beat to it.

Trollbabe- thats a very intriguing story, and I definately would read more of it. Im not catching a frame of referance just yet, though. Is it an origional tribe you came up with or based on a canon tribe? If its one you created, it captures all the feel of a canon tribe, forgotten in the scattering. You did well.


Is it an origional tribe you came up with or based on a canon tribe?

They don't have cannons yet. Just stone-age projectile weapons. Part Two is posted under "Trollbabe's Tales." I guess you'll just have to keep reading...


Lol. Sure thing!


So Many Things At Once

”HE WHAT?” Toron shouted straight at Blindeyes face. It was quite obvious that Toron was absolutely furious now and with good reasons. Chief Optarh had been gone since dawn, Xin-Jing, and her twins Eagle Eye and Nghala had been abducted by The Dark Ones and now he was told that Hawkeye also was gone, possibly with Alborn and Eros to search after Xin-Jing and the children on their own.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP HIM?” Toron continued, still shouting towards Blindeye, who almost trembled in front of the warrior elf.

“I… I didn’t know he was gone immediately,” he said trembling, feeling really small and almost wanted to run away from the angry captain.

“In one moment he was in his room and the next he was just gone.”

“He should know better than to just go to the enemy,” Toron said, still furious. Blindeye felt his face started to be pale and hoped that Torons anger would be over soon. If only, oh if it only could be a solution to let this be over now.

“Toron,” said a familiar voice carefully. Both elves turned their heads and looked toward Moonlight. She leaned herself against the wall, holding a box in her hands that contained needles, threads, a knife to cut the fabrics. Her deep blue eyes stared at Torons green eyes.

“You also joined a rescue mission some seasons ago. Do you remember that?” she asked carefully. Toron was quiet before the anger in his eyes disappeared. His lovemate was right. He had joined when Xin-Jing took up the hunt for Hawkeye when he was kidnapped.

“I remember it,” he said slowly. Blindeye was about to sigh with relief that the rage was over now. Toron turned and went away to be alone. He barely noticed that Moonlight ran after him and turned his head when she placed her hand at his shoulder. He looked at her for a moment before he sighed heavily.

“This was just so unexpected,” he said slowly.

“In one moment there is peace around here, but then the enemy returns unexpectedly.”

“Know how that feels,” she replied slowly. Toron looked confused at her.

“For a while I thought that my parents died in a natural accident when they were hunting. But one day I get the truth that they were killed by the enemy. Totally unexpected.”

“Oh, Moonlight. I’m sorry,” Toron said and felt completely stupid that he had forgotten that for a while. Of course she was sad when she had heard it, but he didn’t know how she thought about later.

“It wasn’t your fault, but I think I understand how you feel it,” Moonlight said and looked at his eyes.

“You want to protect everyone you care about. I also want it with those I have now.”

Toron embraced Moonlight and held her for a while. Then he looked at her, caressing her cheek and his eyes widened when he looked into the deep in her blue eyes.


“OW! Hawkeye, you stepped on my foot,” Eros said with clenched teeth.

“Sorry, but it’s so dark here,” Hawkeye said as he held his hand at the wall and felt his way. Finding the way in the dark was easier said than done. It was so dark that they couldn’t see where the tunnel was leading, or each other. The only way for them to not be separated from each other was to keep together and talk a little bit. But they couldn’t do that too often, because they didn’t know when they would see The Dark Ones.

Hawkeye shivered when he thought of The Dark Ones. And his thoughts went over to Xin-Jing, Eagle Eye and Nghala. How was it with them? Were they okay? Were they hurt?

No! If they were hurt, then Hawkeye would have known it. The only thing he felt now as he, Alborn and Eros walked in the tunnel was fear, and he knew that he wasn’t the only one who was scared now.


**Not exactly a friendly place!** Optarh sent as they sneaked into the twisted corriedors.

**And it doesn’t look like that the Dark Prince is here either!** Satekh sent back.

**Maybe he died after Shadow Mountain collapsed?**

**I’m not sure about that!** Optarh sent back.

**What do you mean now?**

**Remember when the mountain collapsed? When he sent that it wasn’t the last time we met?**

Satekh didn’t respond and Optarh continued to send what he thought.

**A sending can never lie. Maybe he managed to get away in time in one or another way. Just like The Dark Ones.**

**You want to find out?** Satekh sent after a while. Optarh nodded.

**If he is still alive, then we should find out if there might be danger ahead again soon.**

Satekh understood it and began to move forward into the tunnel in their disguise. Suddenly Optarh turned his head as if there was someone behind them, but there was no one there.

**Is something wrong?** Satekh sent worried.

**I don’t know!** Optarh sent back and continued to go on with Satekh.

**I just had a feeling that there was someone behind us!**


So far, so good! The female figure thought as she sneaked around in the tunnels, and followed after The Dark Ones. Her face was hidden by the hood from the black cloack. The only weapons she had with her were the bow and a dagger.

She looked around as she came to the end of the tunnel, and discovered several tunnels. The place was a maze. She began to wonder how these ninjas managed to find their way at all. Slowly she began to continue.

“Stop! Stay where you are,” said a voice behind her. She realized quickly that she had been discovered.

“Turn around,” the ninja said with a Bo Staff in his hand and walked toward her when she turned around slowly. The ninja looked at her from head to toe.

“Let me look at you,” he said and pulled of her hood and the black hair fell down and reached to her waist. The ninja eyes widened when he saw her.

“You’re an elf!”

“That was observant from you,” the woman said and grabbed his Bo Staff. The fight between them was short and she looked down at him when it was over. Ever since the first day of the spring this year, she had discovered the enemy and been looking for them, that had separated her from her family. She took on the hood again and continued.

Suddenly she stopped. She could hear sounds far away and the sharp her sharp hearing told her what it was; the cry of children, the cry of the fear. She almost growled. Had the ninjas started to kidnap children from the elves? She began to run. If it were like that, then she knew what she intended to do while she was here.


“Hush,” Alborn said suddenly and listened.

“Someone is coming.”

“We can take them easy!” Eros whispered and the three elves hiding in the dark while they heard the sound that someone was walked in the corridor and they waited for the right moment. The sound of the running feet approached them. Alborn waved Eros toward himself and on his signal, they both leaped at the two ninjas. They seemed quite surprised at this attack, but they were able to defend themselves by blocking the attacks with the Bo Staffs when they fell on the ground. They looked up at Alborn and Eros, and their eyes widened.

“Wait!” shouted one of the ninjas and pulled off his mask very quickly and revealed his face.

“It’s us,” Optarh said.

Alborn and Eros gaped down at them.

“Chief Optarh?” both of them said at once. Hawkeye came out from the hiding place and looked shocked at Optarh and Satekh. It took a while before they were able to speak again.

What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that? Eros asked, pointing at the dark clothes.

“We’re spying at The Dark Ones,” Optarh replied and looked wondering at them.

“But what are you three doing here?”

The eyes of Optarh and Satekh widened when Hawkeye told the whole story that The Dark Ones had kidnapped Xin-Jing and the kids, the theory of Eros and how they managed to get through the tunnel.

“Then we know a reason for why they are here,” Satekh said after a while.

“What do we do now?”

“Finding Xin-Jing and the kids, getting them out of here and take them home,” Optarh said.

“I want to find them quickly,” Hawkeye said.

“I don’t want that Xin-Jing starts to birth while she’s with them.”

Optarh was about to answer when he turned his gaze suddenly away. He had that feeling again that someone was nearby, but this time it was someone who stared at them. And he swore that he had seen a part of a cape. Was it he who was he wrong? Or could it be…?


Sailor, I really enjoyed your little story. It was sweet and had all of the elements needed. My only critique is that you have a habit of capatilizing everytime a name is put togeter by two so called regular words, like SunStream instead of Suntream wich is the correct. But apart from that, I liked it a lot!

Trollbabe, I loved your imagenary and your describtion. Especially of the howling winds and whispers of dead elders. I'll definatly head towards your thread to read the rest.

Cleo, Once again I had to skim yours, since I'm not up to date. Yet what I can say is that I think it's awesome that your world is built on Asian teqniques and names. I cannot wait until I've caught up.


Thanks, Star!^^


Thank you Startear.

Well, the day after I post my story, I made a drawing of Toron and Moonlight. It's already posted in my arte thread, but since it is for this month I post it here too.


I liked your story too, Sailor! Thank you for including Rayek, though I wish he could have had a lifemate and child of his own. Smile


Awww, thank you manga!^^

I just had the thought of him being a doting Grandsire and just had to let him be one!^^


Yay, Tymber's still doing Stonehowl! Ooooh, "The Call," hmmm? Are our our new heros about to be meeting up with our old heros?


Yay new Stonehowl! Loving them all!!! Luvlove Heart
love that our Tymber is back!!! =D