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June Grab Bag 2011


The elements for this month's Grab Bag are...



A Cave or Dark/Enclosed Space

A Birth


A rabbit/ravvit

All works must be related to Elfquest, whether canon-based, original character, alternate universe, or whatever. Writings must contain all the above elements. Art can either contain all the elements, or illustrate one of the writings.


As the bugs ate my rabbit, a new dance was born under a cave of accusation.




The bright lights barely touched the creature as it moved through the shadows, picking his way from one dark recess to the next. If only it was as easy to avoid the noise. The thrumming and talking grated on his nerves, overwhelming his senses and making him feel blind. The twirling, prancing figures reeled and swayed, their sudden movements alarming, making him move forward in fits and starts. They came too close, and he ran under a table, flinching as a loud bang sounded overhead. He crouched low as sandal-clad feet disturbed the ground close by.

“All right, where is it?”

The feet turned to face a pair of boots.

“Where is what?”

“The bowl of dreamberries. I just set it here. Did you take them all?”

“Well, uh...”

The booted feet backed away, slowly at first, then turned and moved faster, the sandals following close behind. The creature remained motionless until he was sure it was safe, then crept on. Soon he was clear of the sound and confusion, the jarring noises replaced by the softer song of the night.

His feet padded softly along the sandy path, nose alert to any that might want to take his prize away. Not smelling anything, he allowed himself a moment to relax, dropping the furry burden and biting at some bothersome fleas. He paused at the top of the rise, glancing around once more to make sure there were no eyes following him on his journey. Assured again of his solitude, he picked up the rabbit and hurried down the steep, sandy slope, disappearing into the inky opening at the base.

It was moist in the den, and not just the ripe smell of the moist earth hidden below the desert surface. It was the musty, viscous odor of life, and he knew he was too late. The pups were born. He quickly nosed the mother, her touch back letting him know all was well. His prey forgotten, he turned toward the soft mewling at her side and, with rough licks, welcomed his new litter.



Wavering light glimmered down through the pearl-gray waters of Cockleshell's cave. Something struck the surface, like the tread of a long-legged bug, sending an almost imperceptible ripple through the warm depths.

Cockleshell awoke from a nameless dream, barely stirring his slender limbs and webbed digits. He drifted a moment, as his tender, translucent flesh drew in the pulse of the ocean, steady and comforting.

As if on a cue from the universe itself, the joy of his existence plead for an answer. Cockleshell began to dance!

His was a slow and clumsy dance, one that might have provoked laughter from others of his kind. But Cockleshell never knew any others of his kind. Neither had he ever known want, or fear, or pain, in the abundance of his tropical lagoon. He kicked, and bobbed, and flapped his arms, merrily out of synchronization. Every sound he heard was music, in his heart, a tune that was incomplete unless he responded.

Satisfied, he settled back into innocent slumber. Beyond the reach of his underwater senses, people born to the dry land walked about on calloused feet. In the ripe caramel sun, the tufted clouds like rabbit's fur, and the gentle breezes like a lover's breath, the universe called to each of them, just as it called to Cockleshell. How would they reply?

Above him, Cockleshell heard the echo of human voices. The jagged edge of anger and accusation was dulled by the walls of his cozy home. He nodded off again, drifting like a tethered balloon.

The surface of Cockleshell's lagoon stirred again. A stern man in a starched white coat dealt orders to his crew. Skilled hands flew to their task.

Cockleshell stiffened as his refuge was invaded by the strangers' devices. He felt himself drawn outward, upward, toward a harsh light. Brute force overpowered his fragile limbs. He was helpless to resist capture.

Thoughts of his future did not yet occur to him, as the voices grew louder. Would he be a hostage, or a harvest? Was he some curiosity, to be displayed in a great glass tank?


There we were, locked up in some kind of dungeon. During the liberation, me, Aguil, Lyen and some of a desert-water tribe ones were captured. I had no choice, I had too. I had too be taken as a prisoner so that my tribe would be safe, same goes with the desert-water tribe. It's not that bad. I've been worse, though, sitting together in a dungeon with both Lyen and Aguil is not what I call fun. The whole time they are blaming each other for getting captured, which is actually my fault. I'm feeling sorry for the newcomers who were also captured, even worse, that they had to listen to the arguing between Aguil and Lyen. Suddendly, I came out from my thought when I heard someone scream.

''Everyone, look!'' it was someone of the desert-water tribe and she pointed to the wall. We saw a tiny tunnel. Lyen tried to get into it but he was too big.
''Aguil, try to crawl into the tunnel''. he said and Aguil glared at him.
''Why you want me to do that?! why not going yourself!?'' Aguil said right in his face.
''Well maybe because you're small?! Lyen snapped. Fire started in Aguils eyes and rushed toward him.
''Don't call me small! I'll break down your feet and stick them on your head!''
"Aguil calm down for a second!'' I demended. He took some big breaths to. He can not stand it, he really can not stand it when someone calls him small, neither do I. We can't help it that we are much smaller than the others, though, we're not that small at all, they are just a little higer than us.

One of the tall ones stared at aguil and sighed.
''I can see why you're called the Chief of the Avanation instead if him'' he said as he looked at Lyen.
''Um... It's not me. It's her'' Lyen said and Pointed to me. The dessert elf was looking at me with an confused look
''You mean that Pint Sized little squirt?!'' He replied with disbelieve
''WHO YA CALLIN' A PINT SIZED LITTLE SQUIRT?!'' I screamed and demended as I hit my fist in his face. I looked behind me and saw that the newcomers were shocked and scared at the same time. I didn't said anything to them and looked back at the desert elf, who just though that I lost my mind.
'' I-I'm s-sorry?'' He stuttered. I didn't said anything back at him. I began to sit and wait for the others to rescue us.

after a minute, some of the dessert-water ones spoke.
''Someone got a idea how to get out of this place?'' Some other desert-water elves asked and looked at me
''Don't worry, the others have a plan to rescue us''
''So what do we have to do now?''
''Exactly, nothing. Just wait'' I said and smirked at the same time when I saw the dessert-water elves face.

Hours flew by, and the wait took longer than I had expected. One of the desert elves walked towards me with anger.
''We're waiting for hours now, and I'm done waiting!'' He screamed at me. When I wanted to reply, another one of there tribe started to yell at me.
''This is all your fault! You let is captured!'' She screamed right in my face. I waited a few second to replay.
''Sorry, but you have to wait a little longer. Trust me, we get out of here soon''
''I hope for you you're right, I will give them a few hours, or I'll make sure we get out of here!'' He yelled and walked towards his tribe
I sighed, this tribe has no patience at all, but I can understand them, but the best they could do what waiting, be patient and remain calm.

Some minutes later, Lyen got a sending from Ekstro,
''I've got a message from the troll''
''You mean Ekstro?'' I asked and frowned at the same time, wondering when Lyen was going to accept the trolls in my tribe.
''yeah, he said *don't die under my command, you're already enough of a pain without Aguil" that was it'' I rolled my eyes and took a big breath.
''Tell him *fine, I won't die before you do, you morally bankrupt troll with a highone complex*'' I said and continued staring at the others. He sighed and started to send back to Ekstro.

After some more minutes, Aguil and some of the desert-water tribe started arguing.
''Yet it seems like you've gotten smaller!'' on of the desert-water ones said
''Watch your temper, shorty'' said another one of them.
Aguil snapped and grabbed both legs and both men and trowed them against the wall.
"Shorty? Could a shorty do THIS? What else do you want to call me -a half-pint, a beansprout, a midget? I'm still growing, you back-water desert idiots!"
Lyen and I were both facepalming at the action of Aguil and so were some others. While Aguil tried to get himself calm, another one snapped.

"I can't stand it any longer, it's too dark and cramped here, I'M GONNA JUMP OUT OF THAT WINDOW!'' The human screamed. The others were shocked and ran to the woman to stop her.
''wait, we have windows?'' I suddendly said, which made everyone mad.
''Why are you thinking about that now, help us!'' The husband of the woman yelled in my face. I sighed and got up and walked toward the woman. I knew the woman, she was and still is a member of my own tribe.
''Martha, didn't even knew you were here!'' I said and smiled, while the others sunk, growled and facepalmed.
''My chief, I can't take it any longer, I can't-''
''It's ok, take my hand, eveything will be alright'' I said softly.

She looked scared and she was about to pass out. She stood still for a few seconds and took my hand. Suddendly she screamed in pain. The others were looking at me with an horrorfic expression. I looked at them with disbelieve.
''WHAT? I didn't do anything to her!'' I snapped while holding Martha.
''What's wrong? are you hurt?'' I asked while stroking her hair.
''Martha!'' Her husband said while holding her hand.
''Honey... It's here!'' Martha said. We both looked confused at her
''Thet tribe?''
''The baby!''
''THE BABY?!'' I snapped in anger
''Aaugh! But... but the healer said next week!'' He said shocked.
''Well, the baby just said NOW! And I'm pretty sure HE gets to choose!''.
I was shocked and angry at the same time. Shocked cause she was having a baby right now, angry cause she was pregnant the whole time me knowing it! Why didn't she told me?! I'm her chief! And she was starting to jump out of a window while she is pregnant?!...I need to give some pregnancy aka baby lessons for humans.

''Puckernuts, what should we do now?!'' Lyen asked me. Everyone stared at me for an answer.
''...Do we have a healer in the room?'' I asked. They all shook there head, great. I took a big breath before screaming.
''OK! Adam, bring martha to that corner! aguil, take your shirt of, Lyen-''
"In the name of old Man-slaughter, why do I have to take my shirt of?''
''Just take it of, Aguil-''
''but wh-
''TAKE IT OF!!!''
While Aguil and some others took there shirts of, Me, adam and Lyen were taking care of Martha. Aguil brought us all the shirts, and from the shirts, we made a blanked.

''AAaaaHH'' Martha yelled in pain. Giving birth must be a hell of a pain.
''Your doing great honey!'' Adam said while holding her hand.
''Ok, you can push again'' I said.
''OOOOAAAAAH'' She screamed and so was adam, who's hand was almost demolished. Aguil looked at both of them.
''Puckernuts, you can also exaggerate the pain you know! I mean, it can't hurt that bad..'' He said. We all turned slowly to give him an dangerous glare.
''...what?'' Aguil said confused.
''MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY TO SHIT A BABY YOURSELF!'' Martha snapped. Aguil looked at her like she was crazy, I took a big breath.
''Aguil, get out of here, now!'' I told him. Aguil pouted and ran of.

A few minutes later
''Just a little more, you're doing great'' I said.
''Just one more push!''
And with a final push, A new life was born.
''It's a boy!'' Lyen said and everyone cheered. Both Adam and Martha were crying of joy.
''You did great Martha'' He said while holding his newborn son. She smiled back at both me and Adam. I looked at her and smiled back. Adam gave me the baby and hugged his wife.
I took the baby in my arms. I couldn't help but looking soft at both adam and Martha. Happyness is what I saw in there eyes. This is what life should be. I looked at the baby. What a beautifull little boy, what a beautfifull little human. Tears were in my eyes as I was holding the baby. This is one of the best gifts in life, maybe one day, I will have a baby for my own.
Suddendly Lyen came toward me

"Chief, the tribe is here, they found us! they got those humans! We're free to go now, we-'''He stopped and looked at me when he saw that I wasn't listening.
''Chief?'' He put an hand on my shoulder. I looked at him.
''..Lets go'' I said and we both run out of the dungeon together with the rest of the tribes.

We were finally escaped from the dungeon, Thank the highones that we are all save. I saw Ekstro walking towards me. We looked at each other's eyes as I pulled a serious face.
''It's about time'' I said without any kind of emotion in my face.
''nah, I thought you could escape without my help* chuckles * but it seems you still need me my chieftain'' Ekstro said with a grinning face. I know that he feels sometimes that I don't need him anymore, but sometimes I need him and others more then anything else. Right now, I have a tribe full of trolls, elves and humans to take care of. That means we have to leave now, and quik!
''Let's go! This whole castle's about to explode.'' Ekstro looked at me, shocked and relieved at the same time, glad that he came at the right moment.
"Because I don't like it. I've made some adjustments to the steam tanks"

Some hours later, we were back at the tribe. The Desert-water elves were going to stay by us a little longer till they find a new place to live. Maybe they will stay here with my tribe, maybe. Both me and Ekstro were looking at the stars and talking about this day.

''So that's how we got them begging us to let them alive'' Ekstro said and we both laughed.
''Thanks for rescuing us''
''No problem my chief, no problem''
we both smiled but then we heard a baby cry.
''That must be little Kay'' I said while my eyes were focused on the stars
''You knew that Martha was pregnant?'' he suddendly asked.
''No, I didn't knew and it doesn't matter anymore, it's a great gift for our tribe.'' I replied
''yes, it is'' he said while looking at me.

A few minutes passed by as we both continued to look at the stars.
"Sorry that we were so late" ekstro said, while handing me over some dreamberries.
''Don't say that to me old friend, better tell them'' I said as I pointed to the desert-water tribe.
''They are different from us, very different''
''No, they are not so different from us'' He stared at me. His expression was serious.
''You know, it's funny. Every crook I meet wants to tell me how much I'm just like them. But there's a big difference between you and me and the burdens we bear'' I told him and put some dreamberries in my mouth.
''Bare, I do love to'' He said quitly but loud enough for me to hear it.
''You did well, my chief'' He said and walked away towards the other trolls. I said nothing, I just continued to look at the starts, and smiling about the great things what happens with my tribe. Everything is going to be just fine.


Together Again

”Really?” Blindeye asked as he lifted his eyebrow and his arms folded across his chest. He looked at Sunshine who just had told him about the recognition between Topaz and Daredevil and how the situation was. He could see in her eyes what she felt about it; she was worried for Topaz. Confused about Daredevil reaction and afraid of how it would go if no one did something. Blindeye shook his head.

“I’ll talk with Daredevil.”

“You will?” Sunshine asked and sighed of relief.

“But how will you do it?”

“Just a serious conversation,” Blindeye replied with a tricky smile.

“I’m going to be a little hard if necessary and make sure what’s wrong. Then I’ll see what I can do.”

Blindeye blinked his eye and Sunshine began to wonder what it was Blindeye intended to do.


The sweat ran down from her face, she leaned to the side with a hand over her stomach. Xin-Jing tried to concentrate to send and ask for help, but it was no use. She moaned as soon she felt the pain again. She wanted to scream, cry out her pain. She cursed, High Ones know, the ones from her tribe who now was around here, being annoying to the Dark Ones like bugs and had found her children. And she hadn’t been found yet and now the birth of her baby had started, so there was no wonder that she was angry. If she got hold of the one or the ones that were here, then she wouldn’t show mercy.

She barely noticed the light footsteps approaching her, a tall figure with a long robe, the hood covering his face that went gently to her and looked down at her. She didn’t know if he possibly could be one of The Dark Ones, but he wasn’t dressed like them and if he had been one of them, he would have told the others that he had found her. Suddenly he knelt down and continued to look at her, like he was studying her. She couldn’t see his eyes, but it felt as he saw through her soul. Again she felt the magical feeling through the child that he began to send; those thoughts were not for her, but for someone else. The tall person looked at the tunnel on the other side of the bridge and then he looked at her again. He walked quietly across the bridge and into the tunnel without looking back. Xin-Jing started to tremble of fear. She was all alone now.


Optarh waved his hand to the others as he looked from side to side from the tunnel. The only thing he could use while he sneaked around in the dark was his hearing. They almost had to become one with the shadows to not be discovered, but it was easier said than done.

First, they were few elves. Second, they had the twins Eagle Eye and Nghala along with them and they’re not used to sneak around. And there was one more thing he didn’t like; where were The Dark Ones?

**I don’t like this!** Optarh sent suddenly.

**Something isn’t right here!**

**You’re right!** Satekh sent back.

**By the time I lived with them, it never have been so quiet like now!**

**Could it be a trap?** Sylvana sent as she looked around.

Optarh was about to reply when a new sending arrived, showing Xin-Jing lying in a dark place, formed like a cave. The sending had come unexpectedly and then the sending stopped.

“What in the High Ones name,” Alborn said surprised and shocked at the same time. Hawkeye stiffened as he felt Xin-Jings pain. The others couldn’t feel what he felt since his soul was linked with Xin-Jing.

“We have to hurry,” Alborn said who understood how the situation was.

“It’s easier said than done,” Satekh said.

“We’re not alone now,” Optarh finished. There was no need for more words; they knew that The Dark Ones were there. If they had something that could give light and be able to see, they had been able to reveal the ninja’s presence. But Optarh and Satekh knew that it was the darkness who gave the ninjas strength.


Blindeye smiled tricky to Himerish as he pointed toward Daredevil. Himerish nodded and followed his father who walked toward Daredevil. They began to talk like everything was normal while they walked into the woods. Blindeye looked up at the branches sometimes when Daredevil looked in another direction and finally, Blindeye said that Topaz seemed sad at these days. Daredevil stiffened and it looked like he was about to flee, but he didn’t get the chance when Toron and Sturkas unexpectedly jumped down from the branched at Daredevil.

The fight didn’t take long and soon Daredevil was bound together at his hands and feet. He glared at Blindeye, Toron and Sturkas.

“What was that for?” he shouted as he tried to wriggle himself free.

“So I could talk to you without that you fled,” Blindeye said with his arms crossed over his chest.

“If you think I’m going to accuse you, then you’re wrong. I just want to talk with you. I know that you and Topaz have recognized each other and that she’s carrying your child, but why are you avoiding her? That’s not like you.”

“Because I’m afraid,” Daredevil said and looked down a moment.

“I’ve not been the most responsible one of use. I’ve always been the one who take chances. What kind of father could I be?”

“Sunshine asked the same thing when she and I recognized each other, remember?” Blindeye said after a while and knelt down to Daredevil.

“But I think there is more you’re afraid of.”

Daredevil sighed heavily.

“I’m afraid of not being able to be useful for Topaz and our child. Things are not the same anymore. Topaz is chief now and will get an heir. I’m just a impudent hunter.”

“But you’re not a hopeless person,” Blindeye said.

“You have always adored Topaz since we were children. When we became teens you two became lovemates. And when she became chief you stand by her side and supported her when she needed you. And now she needs you and you need her. Of course things change, but sometimes it can be a good thing. But you must find it out together, not alone.”

“I’m a fool,” Daredevil said after a while.

“Anyone can be a fool sometimes,” Blindeye said with a grin and untied Daredevil with help from Toron and Sturkas.

“What was actually the point of the ropes?” Daredevil asked when he got up.

“I had to make sure that you didn’t flee,” Blindeye said grinning.

“And the rope was our idea,” Sturkas said.

“Why am I not surprised?” Daredevil replied and shook his head and laughed.


“Let me at them. Let me at them,” Eagle Eye shouted while he boxed his fists in the air, almost tried to run against the ninjas. Everyone could see he was a fighter like his mother. Alborn quickly grabbed the collar of his west and lifted him up and placed him back with Nghala and Hawkeye. Satekh created an ethereal shield to protect those three who were not experienced to fight against these ninjas. He blocked the blows that came to him and kicked hard in the ninja’s stomach and threw them away.

Eros was in front of them and defended them with his nunchakus and hit it right in the face of three ninjas who took some steps backwards. Eros didn’t hesitate and ran straight at them and kicked them in the chest and saw them fell to the ground.

Sylvana was able to trick the ninjas with her quickness and her blows were directed at their stomach and their faces with her elbow. Suddenly she felt that someone grabbed her cloak and she looked back. She stared at one of the ninjas and before he could blink, she took of the cloak with quick grace and her whole face was shown. Her eyes that once were blue had become brown and her light hair was now black. Her pointed ears were not so big. She jumped lightly into the air and kicked the ninja with her legs. She bent down and picked up her cloak when the ninja fell.

Hawkeye was not able to turn away from the fight while he tried to shield Eagle Eye and Nghala from the fight. He didn’t want them to see this, see that someone they knew of relatives and friends fought and risked being damaged. He placed his hand at his head, the headache he had earlier started to hurt again. He didn’t know if it was because he was afraid for Xin-Jing or because of the battle cries. Or maybe it was both.

Suddenly he heard a scream in his head, Xin-Jing’s scream. He looked confused around. There were someone who had sent it to him, but it wasn’t Xin-Jing. He received it again and he looked toward a tunnel opening. No one else seemed to notice it and suddenly he gripped Eagle Eye’s and Nghala’s hands.

“Come,” he shouted to them and started running toward the tunnel. He ignored the cries from Alborn as he reached the stairs and ran up.

“Daddy, where’re we going?” Nghala cried while they ran.

“To mommy,” Hawkeye cried. After a moment he could see the opening and ran toward it. When he came through, he stopped and his eyes widened when he saw who was there on the other side of the gap.

“Xin-Jing!” He cried. Xin-Jing lifted up her head. She seemed to be very tired.

“Hawkeye,” Xin-Jing groaned.


Hawkeye looked down at the gap, it was quite deep and he looked at the little bridge and then down again. He placed a foot on the bridge, and then the other. He felt very shakt when he gently tried to go over the bridge. He had to get over for Xing-Jings sake.

He had barely got halfway when he felt the headache return, he felt dizzy and was about to lose his balance. The twins screamed in horror. Then someone unexpectedly ran past the twins and right to Hawkeye and grippened his hand. Hawkeye looked shocked at the stranger and without a word; he was on the bridge again, staring at him. He had to close his ears and mind from the voices of Alborn, Eros, Optarh, Satekh and Sylvana who arrived and saw Hawkeye who finally was at Xin-Jings side, then they looked at the stranger.

The stranger turned to Hawkeye who carried Xin-Jing in his arms. Without a word the stranger pulled of the hood covering his face.

“You?” Hawkeye cried shocked with wide eyes, staring straight at the Dark Prince. Eros, Optarh ans Satekh stiffened. The twins hide behind Alborns legs.

“But you’re…”

“Dead? Not exactly,” the Dark Prince replied folding his arms across his chest. Sylvana looked shocked at the Dark Prince. He looked so different, he didn’t look like Anhor anymore; not the Anhor she once knew. He turned and looked at her. It looked like he also was surprised, as if he did remember who she was. Sylvana suddenly turned; she heard more of The Dark Ones coming. Alborn and Eros lifted the twins and carried them across the bridge.

Optarh, Satekh and Sylvana were ready for a new battle when the ninjas appeared. First, they stared hatefully at the elves, but when they saw the Dark Prince standing on the bridge they were quite shocked.

“My lord,” one of them said shocked and lowered his weapon.

“We thought you were dead.”

“And tried to avenge me?”

The ninjas nodded.

“I also want revenge,” the Dark Prince said as he walked over to them. Optarh and the others waited for a sign that the battle would start soon.

“But I don’t want anyone to take the revenge for me.”

He turned slowly and looked at Optarh in the eyes.

“This time, I’ll let you go,” the Dark Prince said. Optarh could see that he was going to take revenge another time. One by one they went over the bridge and when Sylvana were about to go over, the Dark Prince put his hand at her a short moment before he pulled his hand back.

“How quickly can we get out of here?” Hawkeye asked when they together.

“Like this,” the Dark Prince said suddenly with his hands in the air. Suddenly Hawkeye and the other were blinded by a brightening light and the ground disappeared underneath them.


Daredevil took a deep breath before he went to Topaz with his hands behind his back. Topaz sat on a bench, she looked really sad and it hurt him to see her that way. He continued to have his hands behind his back when he was at Topaz side.

“Topaz,” he began gently.

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

“What do you want?” she asked slowly.

“I just wanted to apologize,” he said.

“I was a little scared. No, I was afraid of to not be a good father.”

He sat down beside her.

“But there was someone who helped me to understand and now I know I can be a good father with you. I’ll always be with you.”

It was then he held his hands up, holding a rabbit. Topaz smiled and held it close to her, Daredevil knew she loved rabbits. She leaned against him, holding the rabbit at her lap while it sniffed around in the air.

“Finally everything is at peace with them,” Moonlight said with a happy sigh.

“Now we need that Hawkeye and the others are safely home again,” Blindeye said who had watched the reunion. The moment he said it, it suddenly came a brightening light in front of the gate and suddenly Hawkeye stood there with Xin-Jing in his arms. The twins stood with Alborn, Eros, Optarh, Satekh and a person they didn’t knew. They looked shooked around as if they didn’t knew where they were. Xiin-Jing cried of pain and Hawkeye started to run in the village.

“Moonlight, hurry,” he shouted as he ran inside.

Sylvana ignored the voices in the village as she stood outside. She looked toward her father, he, Satekh and herself hadn’t gone inside the village yet, but Sylvana didn’t know if she should go in. It was her home and it looked just like before. Optarh Looked at her and hugged her as if he understood what she was thinking. Satekh didn’t say anything; he just stood and looked at them. His eyes went to her hands and they widened.

“Sylvana,” he said shocked.

“Your hands.”

Optarh and Sylvana looked confused at him before they looked down at her hands. Sylvana gasped. There were no longer five fingers; it was four. She stared at them before she took of her hood with trembling hands. Light curls flowed down to the waist, and she blinked with her blue eyes. She wept of joy and embraced Optarh and Satekh before they ran into the village.

Erla looked up when she heard the voice of Optarh, shouting her name and she gasped when she saw Sylvana run next to Optarh. She started to run toward them and soon she held her beloved daughter in her arms again while she cried with happiness. A family was reunited again.


Eagle Eye and Nghala sat in a endless excitement on the laps to Alborn and Lilac. Himerish was there too as they watched Xin-Jing lying in the bed, her head rested at Hawkeyes lap who held her hands. He whispered calm words to her after she moaned and cried a few times while Moonlight watched over, holding a blanket ready.

“Here it comes,” Moonlight said suddenly and soon the room was filled with the cries of the baby.

“You got a beautiful girl.”

Xin-Jing and Hawkeye looked proudly at the newborn while the proud siblings and a proud cousin cheered and danced around in circles.

“Congratulations,” Topaz said when the kids had calmed down after a while. She looked at the little girl before she looked at the parents.

“Have you decided a name for her?”

“We have,” Hawkeye said.

“Her name is, Siria.”

“Good,” Tpaz said with a smile.

“Then I can tell that she will get someone to play with about two seasons.”

“She’ll actually get two,” Moonlight said sudedenly. They looked shocked at her.

“Toron and I are going to have children too.”

“What did we miss?” Hawkeye asked.

“So that’s why you’ve been acting so strange these days,” Sturkas said while Toron grinned.

“We wanted to tell it, we just didn’t know when,” Torons said.

They all smiled, for eleven seasons ago they were a small tribe. But now they were beginning to grow again.