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Been so long...


That I forgot how to doll. Almost completely. I tried to recall how to use layers, shade, make a transparent background...I may have failed. Lots more practice will be needed before I recall what I used to know about making images. Who knew it was NOT like riding a bike?

*makes exasperated face here*


PS: See? And no, I don't have the links for the bases, because I had

saved them to disc years ago and don't even know if they are still online.

I can post the bases later if folks wish.

<---Cutter Pearlshade-->


Great to see you dolling again, Nightsea Happy

The young chief looks fab! I like this determind/miscievous expression. You captured the flow of his hair very well - and of course he has his trademarks.

I love Pearlshade! A proud pose and wonderful hair. Color and soft shading of the tail turned out perfect.

There would have been no need to name them Wink You have unlearned nothing!


Hi again.

Outstanding Pearlshade. And I saw the Leetah you posted elsewhere, love the eyes.

Yeah, I'd like the bases. A female of the manga one too if you have it.


Beautiful dollz here, Nightsea!! Great to see you dolling again.


So sorry I've been away forever. I do miss dolling and even having time to get on this site at all is so rare that I don't even lurk effectively. Forgive me for all I've missed commenting on and for all the new folks dolling who I haven't even
met. I hope everyone continues to enjoy this fun activity. And now...
an actual new doll from me:

Base is that heroine one from the main thread.



Another Nightsea! Happy She's on the lovely side. Sweet skirt - good top and great hair! and even my tired eyes have spotted the typical face editing. Glad you had some fun.