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November 2013 Grab-Bag


Ready for a restart? Smile The elements are...


an unexpected encounter

Dark Water

Stary Night


All works must be related to Elfquest, whether canon-based, original character, alternate universe, or whatever. Writings must contain all the above elements. Art can either contain all the elements, or illustrate one of the writings.


A fond return to tradition!

Into Night

Sea cub born with sun in heart
dances on the waves.

Suddenly she realizes;
she’s far away from home.
All alone, on waters dark,
she feels a pang of fear.

Though not for long,
in starry night,
hidden wolf within her springs;
makes her brave anew.

Farewell now she bids to fear
runs into the night.

Still she dances on the waves,
child of sea and sun.
Child of stars she is as well;
from above they smile.

Far away she spots a shape
of fear and sudden death.
A storm has caught a human ship;
left nobody alive.

Unexpectedly she sees
a life that still remains.

A little boy clings to the wreck,
crying, half asleep.
On the edge of life and death
he does not see her clear.

Carefully she takes the boy,
holds him in her arms.
As they fly he does not know;
this is not a dream.

As sun returns she ends her flight;
brings him to the shore.

Near human home she lays him down,
and then she hides and waits.
voices call then in the dawn;
the boy has found a home.

Going home she does as well,
she is tired now.
Worried parents find her there;
smiles so knowingly.

Sea cub born with stars in heart
sleeps the day away.


Awwwww... Luvlove ... an elfquesty Little Mermaid story!

Korafey is all this - waves and sun ... and wolf. Even without the blood she got the spirit. Back to best old tradition indeed, Redhead!


I totally didn't think of The Little Mermaid...

Thanks! Kiss
Now it's time for you to uphold the other part of the tradition!


OMG!! *runnns and hides*




Awwww, Korafay's rescue of a young lander was precious! For some reason I imagined him as a descendant of Shukopek... land-born boy at his first journey across the Vastdeep, totally unprepared for such a different world. Lucky for him that a "good spirit" was watching Wink

And nearly finished mine! Smile


Actually, I was imagining this story-poem to take place while Shukopek was still a child himself.
But I'm glad you liked it.

And looking forward to your story!


A really beautiful poem Red.