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Forum guidelines

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Welcome to the howl.

1. Be cool. Don't post spam or insulting, bullying, harassing, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks.
2. Stay on topic. Start new threads when discussion veers from the thread title.
3. Don't post porn, gore, or other users' personal information.
4. We politely insist that you do not post the work of others from whom you have not gotten permission.
5. Biographical information, personal links, sig files and banners are welcome in profiles.
6. Use the Meta category to discuss these guidelines, report bugs and offer suggestions.
7. We have the right to delete or moderate comments and to ban users at any time.
8. In matters of enforcement of these guidelines, the decision of the Howlkeepers is final.


• If you receive a private message or a public comment that makes you feel uncomfortable, send a message to any of the Howlkeepers. Howlkeepers cannot see others' private messages; in the event of a dispute, please allow time for an investigation.

• It's OK to start new threads on topics previously discussed, but they may be merged when confusingly similar.

• You are welcome to post offical Elfquest artwork here without the usual disclaimers; this is, after all, Elfquest's own website.

• Please be considerate to other readers. Inappropriately large, distracting or confusing images, text, embeds, avatars or links may be edited or deleted.

• If you have any other private concerns or questions about the forums, PM a Howlkeeper.

• These are guidelines. If your heart is in the right place, misteps will be freely forgiven. If you are obnoxious within the rules, your heart will be fed to the wolves.

• Use the categories! Sell stuff in Trade; play forum Games; organize Holts; shoot the breeze in Offtopic.

• Need an avatar? Try the Elfquest Avatar Maker. Check out the structured forum homepage, too.

• If you spot a spammy new user in the Tribe list--random-sounding names and 0 comments--report them! Don't click on any links or visit profiles.


Howlkeepers can delete and edit comments, merge and split threads, suspend and ban users, and provide assistance to other members of the forums. They are:

Richard Pini

You can also contact us on at Elfquest's Official Facebook Page, or on Twitter at @elfquest. If you have a technical problem or need help with your account, contact Rob.

Thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Discuss these guidelines.
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