A Day In The Lives...

It's said that art imitates life. We've often maintained that the ideas behind Elfquest come from the examination of real life problems in the real world, and the attempt to solve those problems using the tools of fantasy and metaphor and example.

However, every now and then, the line between the World of Two Moons and this world of one moon blurs... and when that happens, strangeness and pointy-eared folk walk the prosaic pathways of Poughkeepsie!

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The Bookstore Incident
don't ask
If only Keebler knew...
So that's where the
rutabaga goes...
It was awfully quiet the following Hallowe'en.
No lack of ego here!
pet shop
Thank heavens they're housetrained!
Good help is in
"short" supply.
Wonder why the
neighbors moved?
We get the "point"!
tires 1
Strongbow thinks
he's clever...
tires 2
...but payback is
a real stone!
The infamous five-fingered Clearbrook!
wake up
No rest for the weary...
wake up
EQ meets Shakespeare, part 1
wake up
EQ - No Holds "Bard", part 2