How To Draw Elfquest

It would be impossible to cram all the different facets of a "How to Draw" section onto a single web page, so we've chosen to break things into different topics from which you can pick and choose. While the headings below follow a rough "learning curve", feel free to explore any and all of the "chapters" as you will.

The information here is not meant to provide a "start with a circle and add ears" step-by-step tutorial on how to learn to draw; there are dozens of good books available that will give you the basics of composition, light and shadow, perspective, anatomy and so on. We hope this section of - containing a mix of how-to and history - will inspire you to build and hone your skills in that most particular and delightful direction which will lead you to the World of Two Moons!

Early ideas from the very beginnings of Elfquest.

Model sheets for the Elfquest characters - a place to start.

More model sheets for the Elfquest characters - turnarounds and head/face studies.

Sketches, and why it's a good idea to do them first.

More sketches from Wendy's notebooks and projects over the years.

NEW - Sample layout pages from the production of an Elfquest comic book issue.

Stay tuned - more to come! (Which is another way of saying we had no idea just how much material has been saved in nearly 30 years, and it will take a lot of choosing, scanning and uploading to present it here.)