Digital EQ: Online Comics


Oh, for the good old days. Elfquest appeared on the stands one print issue at a time and you had no idea where the story was going to go until the next issue showed up.

Now, there already exist many dozens of issues, from the very beginnings to various spin-off titles to the most recent installments. How to present them here, online, in an order that makes sense? Seasoned readers want to catch up with what happened after the original tale. New readers want to start at the beginning.

Now that all the tales have been posted, everyone has the ability to skip ahead and read some stories out of their originally published sequence. You may discover that a favorite character or situation has changed - seemingly suddenly - without having read all that led up to the change. BE WARNED! If you want to take things in order, read the Elfquest story timeline.

(Of course, that will take a bit of patience, and the internet is an instant gratification kind of place. You have been alerted. Be thankful you don't suddenly find yourself back in 1978! It was four months between issues, one at a time, then.)

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