EQ Who's Who

One of the greatest things about Elfquest is its wide variety of fascinating players. Each individual possesses as many unique characteristics as the finest of Dreamberry wines, from those who have matured and grown since the beginning of the tale, to the young and the new who have much more recently joined the Wolfriders in their adventures. Each of the elfin tribes, seemingly alien to one another after generations of mutual isolation, have now touched one another, even if only in the most fleeting and transitory of ways.

Through his great quest Cutter, Kinseeker and Blood of Ten Chiefs, discovered many scattered children of the High Ones. The Wolfriders have encountered the dark-skinned Sun Folk, the effete and imperious Gliders, and the cold and war-weary Go-Backs. The World of Two Moons is also home to the tunnel-digging Trolls and the effervescent Preservers, themselves descended from the servants and companions of the Firstcomers, those ethereal alien visitors who evolved into the elves. There are the WaveDancers, progeny of those who fled to the oceans after the fateful accident that stranded the Firstcomers upon their unforgiving new world. And finally, there is Abode's indigenous population - the humans, both worshipful and hostile toward those who will one day fade into the legends of Abode.

And so here we have for you a few dozen of the hundreds of characters who populate the World of Two Moons, separated into their respective tribes. (If your favorite isn't here, don't worry. He, she, or it is certain to be found within the pages of "The Wolfrider's Guide to the World of Two Moons," published by Wolfrider Books.)



Sun Folk





Future Folk