EQ Who's Who - Sun Folk


Healer and gatherer

Daughter of Toorah and Sun-Toucher; sister of Shenshen; lifemate of Cutter; mother of Ember and Suntop; teacher of Mender
Soul Name
Immortal; living
Character Sketch

Leetah, whose name means "healing light," had led a safe and secure life in the Sun Village before the arrival of the Wolfriders, Leetah grew up knowing few wants or sorrows, protected by the love of family and friends. She used her powerful healing magic to enhance the tranquil lives of the Sun Folk. Her world was changed forever when she first saw Cutter and felt the touch of Recognition. After an extremely rough beginning, she accepted her recognition to Cutter and became his lifemate and the loving spiritual leader to the Wolfriders. She had two children from the recognition, Ember and Suntop.

Sometimes, however, metal serves where healing will not, and on a more mundane level, Cutter has taught Leetah to be a competent knife thrower. This was only the first of a Wolfrider's skills that Leetah found she needed as she moved out from the boundaries of her childhood home. When Leetah went out in the world to find Cutter, she could only guess at the dangers that she would face. Devastated when Rayek brought her forward ten thousand years, believing that Cutter must be dead, his miraculous survival was an unsought gift. She has finally come to terms with her place in the world.