EQ Who's Who - Wolfriders


Eleventh chief of the Wolfriders, hunter, and warrior

The son of Joyleaf and Bearclaw; lifemate of Leetah; father of Ember and Suntop; nephew of Treestump; cousin of Dewshine
Soul Name
Mortal; living
Character Sketch

Cutter gained his chief's lock and the mantle of leadership as a teenager, following the death of his father, Bearclaw. While his name denotes his skill with a sword, he is not a cold and merciless death-dealer. Cutter has always led his tribemates, some of whom are many hundreds of years his senior, with a gentle but firm hand. Strong in his beliefs, he will nevertheless bend even the most fundamental of them if the health and well being of his tribe is at stake. Skywise, his closest friend, believes that the traits setting Cutter apart from all past Wolfrider chieftains are his imagination and ability to not only accept change, but take advantage of it.

Though Cutter had early on been described as "... artless, frank hearted, and wild as a beast of prey ...", age and Leetah's influence have mellowed him. After the quest to recover the Shards of the Palace, Cutter bid farewell to his daughter, Ember, at Howling Rock Holt so she could lead her own tribe of Wolfriders. Cutter, Leetah, Suntop, and most of the older Wolfriders returned to live at the site of the original Father Tree Holt -- the place of his birth.