EQ Who's Who - Wolfriders


Chief of the Howling Rock Wolfriders

Daughter of Cutter and Leetah; sister of Suntop; Grandaughter of Sun-Toucher and Toorah; lovemate of Mender and Teir
Soul Name
Mortal; living
Character Sketch

Ember is the twelfth chief of the Wolfriders, leader of her half of the tribe. Fiery and spirited, she still stands at the beginning of her tenure.

Getting her name from her fire-red hair, Ember was destined from birth to be the next chief of the Wolfriders. Just before Cutter whet off to lead a portion of the tribe to recover the Palace Shards, he charged Ember to keep her portion of the tribe hidden and safe. She was to find a new holt, far from the danger of Grohmul Djun's Citadel. Inherent in this commission was Cutter's command that she regain "the Way." Thus was Ember given her first test of adulthood, coming to it at an even earlier age than Cutter. Afraid at first of making mistakes, she gained enough confidence to wear her own chief's lock.

After the Palace was reconstructed and the Djun defeated, Ember admitted, "I must return to Howling Rock with as many as will follow me. Winnowill may be gone, but she left behind ... terrible things ... that want cleaning up." Cutter agreed that she should never undo her chief's lock and wished her well in her own "quest." Now living at Howling Rock Holt, Ember leads her tribe and deals with Mender and Teir as they vie for her affections.