EQ Who's Who - Wolfriders


Tribal elder, silent archer, hunter, and scout

Lifemate of Moonshade; father of Crescent and Dart; grandfather of Bowki
Soul Name
Mortal; living
Character Sketch

Strongbow is the reserved, silent archer of the Wolfriders. Ever the devil's advocate, Strongbow is often right, but finds no value in saying "I told you so." He has a powerful ability to send, and is considered by his tribe a strong magic user.

Strongbow is completely devoted to his lifemate, Moonshade, and intensely proud of their son Dart. Strongbow will do anything to protect lifemate and cub, up to and including killing another elf - an act he committed, which resulted in dire consequences. While at the time there was no question as to what needed to be done, the scars remained with Strongbow for years. It took an encounter with the spirit of the murdered elf in the Palace of the High Ones to heal Strongbow at last.

Strongbow is extremely serious, rarely smiles, and prefers sending to audible speech. He only speaks when overcome by great emotion or to communicate to those who cannot send. While loyal, he will question his chief's judgment when he truly believes it to be wrong. A fierce conservative and traditionalist, Strongbow rails at change and newfangled ideas. Never the less, after the Djun war, he and Moonshade went with Cutter to rebuild the Father Tree Holt.