EQ Who's Who - Wolfriders


Magic user

Son of Cutter and Leetah; brother of Ember; Grandson of Sun-Toucher and Toorah; student of Savah
Soul Name
Immortal; living
Character Sketch

Suntop is the gentle, enigmatic son of Cutter and Leetah. He gets his name from his butter-yellow hair. Although a Wolfrider, Suntop was born in the Sun Village and considers it home. Content that his twin sister, Ember, is destined to become chief of the Wolfriders, he says calmly, "I'll be what I'll be." Suntop has powers unrivaled by any other elf. His "magic feelings," as he calls them, tell him whether someone is performing magic or if something has been manipulated by magic. Savah, his loving mentor, has helped him expand the limits of his magical powers. Indeed, she sees great promise in his abilities, prophesying that Suntop will eventually help other elves send through him, thereby granting perfect communion for all elves in the world.

Suntop is constantly trying to get rid of his image of being a "child." Though his convictions are strong, as are his attempts to find his place in the world, Suntop is easy to get along with and makes friends readily, counting Jethel and Chot among his closest companions. After his adventures with his compatriots in the Forevergreen Forest, Suntop returned to live with his parents at the site of the original Father Tree Holt.