EQ Who's Who - Wolfriders


Gatherer, scout, and guard

Daughter of Nightfall and Redlance; lifemate of Scouter and Dewshine (three-mating); adopted mother of Little Patch (human); mother of Pool; student of the Woodcutter (a human)
Soul Name
Mortal; living
Character Sketch

Tyleet was the first child to be born to the Wolfriders in the New Land and Thorny Mountain Holt. Her name means "Healer's Gift." Tyleet has a soft heart, especially where humans are concerned. For example: she adopted a human infant, Little Patch, and raised it as a Wolfrider - as much as any human could learn to be. Tyleet never thinks ill of others, even attempting to see Rayek's side of things.

Calm and gentle like her father, Tyleet is not above breaking tribal rules if she thinks it's for the good of the tribe. Tyleet, though a risk-taker, is not reckless. She never takes a chance unless there is an important prize to gain for her tribe. Still, it's admitted that Tyleet acts first and thinks about the consequences later. Tyleet's risk-taking proved nightmarish to her lifemate Scouter, whose overprotective bent became very active after their Recognition. Sometime later she gave birth to a son, named Pool. Tyleet, Scouter, and Dewshine have formed a three-mating, voluntarily exchanging soul names with one another and creating a bond as strong as Recognition. At the end of the War with the Djun, Scouter, Tyleet and Dewshine chose to follow Ember back to Howling Rock Holt.