Elfquest Timeline

Special and Parts 1 - 11

Wavedancers Special "Turning Tide"
Near Rock: Spine goes to Brill to cheer her up. She's happy for Skimback, he and Sandsparkle will have a cub. She feels empty and wishes it were her. Spine says Recognition will come. She should choose a new lifemate but Kroosh, Snakeskin, and Tumble aren't for her. Off Far Rock, Tumble and Puffer swim after Moonmirror. A slaptail (whale) swims past. Moonmirror and Tumble grab hold for a ride. Puffer tells his mother Foam. She sends to Snakeskin. Spine should know better with his stories. He sees 'Landers in the distance and sends to Salt, the eldest. Skimback goes with him, leaving Sandsparkle. She goes with Krill. Spine and Brill head out. It's been a year since the landers last came. First they lost lifemates Haze and Farbright, then Drift and Farshell, Moonmirror's parents, then Skimmer, their only mature healer and lifemate to Surge, their chief. It was too late to save her and he disappeared with her body. Salt sees Tumble and Moonmirror caught by a lander craft. They all swim up to fight. Redcrest shapes a hole in the boat. The cubs get away with Strand. An oar injures Skimback. Suddenly, Surge approaches. They all get clear as their chief whips up a funnel of water and drowns the humans. Surge tells his son Snakeskin he wasn't sure they would have him back. The others return home. Brill asks Sandsparkle to forgive her foolishness. Spine notices her smile is back.

Wavedancers Part 1 (Metamorphosis)
The elves discuss how the humans are getting closer and bolder. The humans come because the reef the elves created support a great deal of life. Snakeskin argues with his father Surge because he suggests they leave. In the Forevergreen, Wavecatcher wonders where the 'lander Yun has gone and says, "Perhaps it is finally time." On land, Ardan Djarum vows to rid the sea of the elves; his son was on the ship wrecked by Surge.

Wavedancers Part 2 (EQ2 # 1)
Ardan Djarum begins loading his ship to go after the sea elves. The elves settle in a cave when a storm comes. Spine tells a story about Surge. His mother Coral, their chieftess, was killed by humans. Surge began training the elves in the art of war and the coral reef was shaped to gut humans' ships. After the flashback, Snakeskin remarks that they should stay where they are. Surge believes they are not protected where they are. Skimback says they should bring warriors and sailors, while the others should stay behind.

Wavedancers Part 3 (EQ2 # 2)
Snakeskin and his father discuss the Broken One, a sea elf who enjoyed going off to unexplored places. He met something that transformed him into a monster. Surge wants Snakeskin to come because they'll need a healer. Surge stabs himself to prove that he can heal. Djarum (who we find out is related to the Djun) is no longer trusted by his crew. Djarum says the demons took his "poor love." Wavecatcher, a sea elf in the Forevergreen, says "It's time" and emerges from a pool and walks into a native village. The elven warriors and sailors tell the others goodbye and Snakeskin enlarges the coral reef to protect them.

Wavedancers Part 4 (EQ2 # 5)
Snakeskin tells the others they aren't leaving yet. He sends out Darshek, Redcrest, and Kroosh to scout ahead. Snakeskin talks to the Broken One. The Broken One has a flashback to some event involving Winnowill. They let her go. She returned and made them all dark and gave them to him. Snakeskin says they can leave when the scouts return. Darshek sees Djarum's vessel. They fire a cannon at his dolphins. Wavecatcher asks native humans about other spirits like Yun (see NB # 20). They have also heard of other sea elves. Darshek boards Djarum's ship.

Wavedancers Part 5 (EQ2 # 21)
Darshek boards the ship. He sneaks through it and comes to the storage room. There are crates with poison symbols on them. Crest Point at night: Snakeskin is in the water looking at the stars for answers. His father has changed. He's so angry at the landers. He felt there was no danger they couldn't overcome. Zephyr and the others never returned. Surge wants them to follow in their path. Moonmirror shows up. Snakeskin was there when her mother and father were brought back. Many storms have come and gone since Surge and Skimmer vanished. The landers keep coming. They dive below. Redcrest, Darshek, and Kroosh will return with a path through the nets. The Forevergreen: Wavecatcher is angry the humans had no information. He was with Zephyr when they left to find a new home. They sailed toward the new land. They named it Cavernsong. It was bountiful. New life was born. Some were about to leave to bring the others when they were caught in a human battle. Wavecatcher woke up, the only one alive. But some elves were not among the dead. Crest Point: Kroosh and Redcrest return. They split up. The've been sending to Darshek, but he doesn't answer. Snakeskin asks his father if he knows what's out there. Surge walks away. Redcrest and Kroosh are sent out again. Darshek hears voices. It's Djarum speaking to his assistant, Bran Porak. The crates are intact. It works on animals and humans, but maybe not spirits. It better or he'll be responsible. They see Darshek. Djarum holds up a pistol and fires.

Wavedancers Part 6 (EQ2 # 23)
Bran assures Djarum that none of the crew saw the elf. The elves tricked his many-great grandsire. The city and his family have suffered ever since. The Djun killed one, the sorceress (Winnowill). He'll destroy them. Now that they tried the plague-spawn on one of them, it seems like it'll work. Their sea-blasts will dredge up signs of them. If not, the demon will tell them. Bran says maybe he won't understand them. Djarum says the witch did. He speaks to Darshek. He doesn't understand. Djarum sees his ring. It belonged to his son, who was 'only fishing.' Darshek gets up and Djarum slaps him. He sees himself, younger, slapping a woman. Crest Point: Redcrest says Darshek is still lost. Longfin is worried about her son. Surge says the ones who stay behind can search. Snakeskin says no one leaves. Spine says there are too few of them since Zephyr. The others agree. Skimback, Krill, No-Ripple, Spine, Redcrest, and Snakeskin head out, sending to Darshek. Spine finds a fish with its head caved in. There's no signs of sickness or violence. There are more as far as they can see. Is this the source of Surge's fear? Wavecatcher sees a stone four fingered hand coming out of the forest. In another direction he sees smoke from a human village. He heads for the village. He misses his home. but what could he hope for in his own little ocean? There's only one way to find out.

Wavedancers Part 7 (EQ2 # 24)
Snakeskin and the Wavedancers are in the cave at Crest Point wondering what they should do. Surge and some others think they should leave before something happens again. Others think they should stay for now. First the Broken One, then Zephyr, now Darshek. Bran Porak tells Adjarum to be careful with the demon. They must know if the plague-spawn will kill them. Adjarum will let his body act as a beacon to his kin. He remembers Ellia, his wife, daughter of a weaver. She spoke reverently of spirits and badly of his ancestor, the Djun. He struck her too hard, breaking her neck. He vowed to destroy all demons. Wavecatcher eats squirrel meat in the forest. He grows tired of it and wants some company. Someone watches from above. Spine and Snakeskin talk and wonder what happened to the elves who went out. The 'landers will come and they are too many to fight. But there are too many ifs to leave.

Wavedancers Part 8 (EQ2 # 27)
Wavecatcher sleeps under a tree. Windkin lands near him and wakes him up. He asks where his folk are. They live in the sea. Wavecatcher came here seeking a new home. A giant stone hand warned him away. Windkin says they can't let go of a dream. Each elf wonders what he's found. Spine searches the waters off Crest Point, looking for safe passage. He gets no answers. He doesn't know what he's looking for. On Ardan Djarum's flagship, two men pour powder into an airtight drum and throw it overboard. It sinks to the bottom and explodes. Spine hears it. Fish and dolphins come racing past. Darshek, on the ship, hears Spine's sendings but is too weak and sick to answer. Djarum has his men pull a killed dolphin up. He's been collecting the dead creatures. He goes down and grabs Darshek, dragging him up on deck. He shows the dead fish and the dolphin, a sea-friend to elves. He must tell Djarum where his kin are or he'll kill every one of the creatures. Darshek doesn't understand, doesn't know what he wants. All Djarum gets out of him his gibberish. Darshek is taken back down and the dolphin is thrown overboard. Darshek knows that will be him soon.

Wavedancers Part 9 (EQ2 # 28)
Djarum asks Bran Porak when the demon will die. The stuff comes alive in water. A rat died in a day. A sea dog took longer. The organisms get in them and eat their insides. A thief took five days. Darshek's showing the signs. All the bricks will be dumped into the ocean. Bran protests, that would kill all life from Farcast to the Frozen Sea. Bran is given another day to get it to talk. Windkin and Wavecatcher talk. Since he saw Yun, Wavecatcher was searching for her tribe. Windkin says they left long ago. He doesn't trust Wavecatcher, who still wants to search. He tells of the deaths of his companions. He says they're all each other's got. Windkin wonders what it's like to be the last of his tribe. He must bring knowledge of sea-elves. At Crest Point the Wavedancers are preparing. Surge comes to Snakeskin. He led them since Surge left and should remain. Snakeskin asks if they should leave and never come back, thinking danger has come. No, they will return. Krill and her sister think there may be hope. Porak is going to see how the stuff spreads in a large trough. If the old sea-rat pulls it off, Bran will have made it. He carries it, but it's knocked over the side. The stuff passes Spine below. An explosive is dropped and detonated near him. He screams.

Wavedancers Part 10 (EQ2 # 30)
Sandsparkle sings about her unborn child. Brill hopes she's happy sharing Skimback. They get a call for help. Spine is fleeing sharks, blood coming from his nose and ears. Kroosh and others dive in and attack. Kroosh is bit on the arm, but they all get out safely. Spine's head is like the fish they found. He's healed. Snakeskin heals Kroosh. Spine seems better. He followed dead fish to the ship and the humans dropped something in the water. An underwater storm hit him like a giant wave. He tells Longfin there was no sign of Darshek. Krill goes to her. She's lost more than one elf should bear. Darshek barely knew his father Pirn. Shadowcrest died when Sandsparkle was a pipling. Krill thinks Darshek's alive. They head out. Snakeskin and Surge agree they all must leave. Djarum's ship: The crew gather fish from the blast. Some men plan against Djarum. Porak is in his lab. He can't let Djarum dump the rest of the plaguespawn. Darshek remembers the stuff filling his nose and ears. His mind was shattered. Porak comes to him, saying they have less than a day. In the Forevergreen, Wavecatcher and Windkin spy on a human village. They worship a spirit who works their garden. The spirit comes out and they see it's an elf. All of the sea elves must leave, even the Broken One. Spine's head hurts again.

Wavedancers Part 11 (EQ2 # 31)
Long ago, a young wavedancer, Reef, set out to explore. He was one of three healers. The water grew colder and he pursued sensations of ever-increasing pain and dark anxiety. He found Winnowill half-submerged on a tiny island. He reached out to finish her healing. She fought back and made a mockery of his body. His mind was cracked and bleeding with her memories. Snakeskin gives Puffer fins on his legs. Kroosh says Longfin and Krill are missing. Snakeskin walks off. Surge says his son is afraid like he was when he lost his lifemate, afraid that he can't keep them safe. Kroosh will stay and try to find Krill and Longfin. No-Ripple goes to Snakeskin. Wavecatcher and Windkin are welcomed into the human village. They talk privately with the elf-maiden. Perith was the first human she knew, then five generations passed. Marish is now the village elder. Wavecatcher and Windkin notice she believes she's a spirit, as landers call them. Perith found her in the midst of a battle near the sea. He raised her and found she had plant-shaping powers. She called herself Wavelet. Somehow Wavecatcher knows her name. While Sandsparkle is comforted, Redcrest brings up Reef, the Broken One. No-Ripple joins with Snakeskin and brings him calm. Elsewhere, three men desert Djarum's ship. Porak tries to get Darshek to repeat his instructions so Djarum won't kill all sea-life. He can't get through to him.