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Lives in Aabybro, Denmark · 27 years old
DJ Ambient Freak
Questions about the living dead Gliders
How much control do you think the 'you are what you do'-Gliders (the Doors, Beace, Egg) have over their expressions? What do you guys think is in the drink Winnowill gives them? And could a healer r...
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DJ Ambient Freak
Playing around with my Glider again.
I'm just wondering. -If a Glider, one of the none chosen 8, went missing, how long do you think it would take before somebody noticed? - Would any of the 8 be sent out to search for the missing person...
Topics: Glider
DJ Ambient Freak
'Well, huh..Bloody city can wreck itself.'-Adventure in...
I've been playing Saint's Row the Third, basically a Grand Theft Auto 4 lookalike, just far more cartoony, funnier and has a insanity and absurdity level that is up around 21 on a 1 to 10 scale.My cha...
DJ Ambient Freak
Chiefs reign.
Some 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to make a list over which Wolfrider chief reigned when my characters were born.Last week I spent a math class trying figure out who reigned for how long.And I had t...
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DJ Ambient Freak
O___o um...ok?
Ehhh, I've been looking though the Elfquest Movie Storyboards thingie and I have to say it...disturbs me.Was Rayek ever supposed to be likable in this version? O__OIt's like seeing 'King's-Rayek, just...