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Welcome to, the oldest continuously running domain dedicated to a comic book series - namely, Elfquest!

(How can he get away with such a claim, you may ask? Simple: was registered and went online in 1994. All other comic book titles or companies at the time, including DC and Marvel, were piggybacking on gateways such as AOL to host their web presences.) is the single greatest concentration of information about Elfquest on the web - and we're nowhere near finished stocking the pond, as it were. Here you will find, for example, every page of Elfquest comics we ever published or caused to be published - over 6500 pages of story and art. You will also find photo and art galleries, numerous information pages, and a lively social area. We are a work in progress, always looking to improve, to add.

Our mission statement is simple. We began publishing Elfquest in 1978, and we're nowhere near finished. is our invitation to as many readers and fans as possible to experience the World of Two Moons above and beyond the printed - or even the digital - page.

Richard Pini - Nastybad Editorthing