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Dreaming of Elfquest
I dreamed ones that I was adopted in to the pack (gods know why) and Rayek was trying too teach me how to fly. It was not a success (me flapping my arms like an idiot think it'll work) and Strongbow t...
Topics: Dreams
Redhead Ember
No More Denying
Yes! I'm totally, completely, head-over-heels, hopelessly in love with that guy! In a way it feels rather good to finally be able to actually admit that kind of feelings, but in another way; it kinda...
Topics: In love
What's your dream PET?
Right now I have a 160 lbs white husky with blue eyes! Her name is krista (like crystal ball!) she looks like a wolf except she is all white! And when ever an emergency vehicle goes by on the street w...
Topics: Dream pets
Final quests ending?
I have always wanted rayek to wind up a wolfs poop!, you know eaten by wolfs, the only thing, reason that will not work is simply wolves know better than to eat anything that BAD!...
Topics: Rayek(bad)
Starbright Eyes
On Bullying
A short time ago, I was asked to write a personal story about bullying. I'd put it off and on, picking it up and sometimes looking at it, like an unusual trinket that you don't know why you have it, b...