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Laura Strick

Laura Strick

Born on December 20, 1983
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Laura Strick
Does anyone know why it's been so long since we got a new page of prologue? Also, anyone know how to make contact and see if there is any chance they might post the anthology novels (the last one was ...
Yeah, I don't remember where I read this, but they've stopped publishing them on BoingBoing and will be publishing the Final Quest, you know, in book form. Too bad there was no official, clear announcement on this on the website.
Laura Strick
:-( awww, that is tragic! But thanks so much for the update... I was actualy a bit worried something bad may have happened to elf mom or something...
Welcome Enjoy and have fun!
Laura Strick
I am really excited to read the new comic that is slowly being posted! But, I've also been borderline obsessively waiting for the day when the final blood of ten chiefs anthology stories are published...
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