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Born on March 25, 1956
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March 25, 1956
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September 8, 2013
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January 6, 2013
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About Me
Born and raised in Alpine California, which is the country part of San Diego. I am part Scottish and part Native American,but mostly I'm American Smile. Came to Chicago in 1976 with my first husband and infant son. I fell in love with the city and have been here ever since, though I only had one child I changed husbands for the much better 31 years ago.
I am a lover of animals and believe in conservation both of animals world wide and the lands themselves, though I am not an extremist in either, being a follower of Moderation or the middle way in all things. This means I believe in avoiding poaching of rhinos for horns and abolishing whaling for example, and preserving environments but also to see that people have land to grow food and live on too.
Who I'd Like to Meet
The entire wolrider tribe and wolves and most of the sunfolk as well. Especially Savah.
As for the rest of the real world I find most people very interesting in one or more ways so would like to meet just about anyone. Someone said "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet" Thats mostly true for me. I think people like charles manson and other serial killers or drug sellers are off the list though Happy
Not a big movie goer. I prefer to wait for the tapes and now the DVDs. Mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Also psychic thrillers(not horror)and superhero movies like Spider Man. I loved Lord of the rings, have the whole collection. Also Avatar and some Anime'
I think that I am attracted to Elfquest because of the essence of the elves natures, which the wolfriders seem to be very native and close to nature. They also travel looking for a home which is kind of the early part of my life. Plus I just love Wendy's artwork. I use to write some myself, very amateur for children and love an excellent and involved plot.
Besides that,I'm into comic book collecting,crafts and arts, admire architecture and read sword and fantasy type fiction.
Pretty much every thing from classical to big band, to torch songs, classic rock, oldies, all the way to techno rock.